Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Childhood Dreams"

In my dream was the Grasshopper Queen
She seemed to read my thoughts
I learned their ways looking through those eyes
And spoke their language well
How it felt to leap through grass
They too had their own beliefs
Introducing me to other species
That hid below the leaves
It was within the recurrence of my dreams
When the strange teachings took place
My mother and father looked on in disbelief
When I told them of these things
Exclaiming I had an active imagination
With concerned looks upon their faces
Thereafter I refrained
My recurrences still continued
From whence I was further trained
It came to be in the humming of the tree
In the flickering light of the sky
Between leaves that touched me gently
Hearing their lowly cry
Realization of all creation
Of the many things that exist
Almost as if a great libation
A belief I could not resist
When my toys stopped talking to me
Those dreams seemed to go as well
Slowly the memories seemed to fade
Until I had forgotten them as far as I could tell
The images became faint
In my third year of college once again came
The vision of the grasshopper queen
She had not changed after all that time
She was there to tell me what had not been told
The remainder of what needed to be said
This was to be her last appearance
For she told me she would soon be dead
Yet she had waited all those years
Until the time had come
What was imparted before she departed
Was the rest of the total sum
Emerging from that slumber my thoughts
Life will never be the same
It would be impossible to look at things
Knowing full well the acclaim
That all life is precious regardless
Though we always assume
Considering the things that nature brings
From the universal womb

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


In the darkness I consider the universe
Upon this trestleboard
What finger reached out to ignite
That spark of life's beginning
Cultures of trees that grow
Tulips that lean towards the sun
How many cries from those born
From when this first begun
Who determined the heterodox
By which we chose our fate
Imbibed with souls like newborn foals
Both small as well as great
Within the many paradoxes
From creation in it's youth
Contained knowledge in frontal lobes
Surpassing all other truth
In the expiration of everything
Still the energy remains
Nothing created escapes existence
For we are in likeness to sand grains
Upon beaches;
In the flow of the universe
Creation is forever

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"The Final Day"

Armageddon they said was upon us
Each day swiftly crept by
Nobody took heed to the warnings given
Not even a reluctant sigh
Thundering of the feet continued in the street
As pollution overcame
Stale air in the skies
Bacteria ladened waters
Syringes still in the sand
Dropping from the hand
That caused them to remain perpendicular
The need to feed being more immense
Than the ability to survive
Poppy fields still thrive
On this ledge I see the conglomeration
In the traffic thickly below
Thinking they will escape
Into what?
They do not see the terror in the sky
It will send them into obliteration
Falling short of any notion or goal
All will burn slowly like embers of coal
Including I as we all must die
For the sake of a few who hide
Deep in the mountains
Gluttons who thrive on careful rations
Endless movies at the taxpayers expense
Yet they will see no sun through tinted windows
For the blanket of smoke is dense
My unrealized youth is before me
Although I shall never see manhood
The role models of the day seemed even lesser than I
Alone upon this ledge there is peace of mind
Reluctance to depart shall soon come to pass
The terror in the sky draws me closer to the end
Unto a place which I must ascend

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Endless Days"

This is how we spend our days
With falling leaves of rusted colours
Under the muddy white clouds
Near the sounds of falling water
Surely there is no need to expire
With plenty of clover to fill our need
Quiet days upon the grass
Yet there is an ache in my bones
I do not get up as quickly as before
My appetite is not as great
The inclination to rest is always with me
So I take long naps by the waterfall
Sleeping to the sound of rushing water
Off in the distance are the mountains
As evening comes upon us
We sit there by the waters edges
For some reason the motion
Seems to bring me peace
Soon we will slumber for the night
Only to awaken to yet another day
Under the muddy white clouds

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


As this child within me thrives
All that is left of what survived
The wound was mortal
The damage was grave
In cleansing waters
That will not cleanse
My heart was ripped but not my soul
Somehow the sun seems to shine
Yet it's brilliance seems dull
When I look up into the clouds
Or at the stars when night falls
I seem to forget what it is that pains me
Pink has always been my favorite color
Finding a pink bunny for my comfort
I know-is out of the question
Still my imagination seems to keep me occupied
It is only during the quiet times
When traveling to my secret place
In the place where safety resides
Then again those quiet times
When the wind is silent and the sky is strange
Those hauntings come out of the past
The ones-you know,that seem to strangle you
The relentless pounding of those words
I did not think of the manipulations
My only hope was to somehow survive
I am not a victim-I am a survivor
The hauntings shall remain under my feet
The secret place comforts me
My ripped heart has scars,but it shall mend

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved