Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Those who pass by do not notice
The grandeur of my presence
Few may have wondered what life
Might be like as a tree
Unguarded words are spoken
Sitting beneath my branches
Smoke billows out of stacks
Choking all life in its path
Mothers taking great pride
Their children play in the park
Unaware in their innocence
There is more than water in puddles
Dogs lapping not knowing
Footprints mark human activity
Intellect is ever present
Evading emotion flees in terror
Feint heartbeats palpatate
Quiety the world goes by
Hoping to quell the noise
Time and distance are irreplaceable
Lives are quickly lived
Gone like steam from a pot
It is all too fitting to try
Stuffing all of life into
Small spaces in time
Like seedlings that grow
All life emanates from its source
Forgiveness is easier than one might think
The amenities of nature overpower
As light is to darkness
As life is to death
All in the process of what is to be
Acute awareness of the human condition
My branchess sway in the wind
Covering what is below from the full rays
Emerging as a person to feel for myself
For I have done more than just wondered
What life might be like as a tree

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved