Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Tunnels of Terror"

Roarings in the hollow tunnel
Wheels screeching
Wildly beseeching
Sparks emitting
Glowing flames hidden
Behind sunken eyes
Who travel through the tunnel
To many destinations
In the city of rhuminations that thrives upon
Despairs of others
For the cost of fare
Sit many mothers in despair
Who do not care
Except for the monthly check that comes
In the mail for survival's sake
Slowly winds the subway train
Always screeching,always winding
Through the city
It is the hunger that drives them
The unrelenting viper slithers
Past platforms with gazing eyes upon it
In the tunnel like a giant funnel
Towards its destination-onwards it trudges
Forward to the monotiny of its pace
In the never ending race towards
Only death can save them from a fate
Impatient people in crowds silently wait
Stamping their feet upon the pavements
In demand with their ever searching hands
For the glimpses of light at the end of the tunnels
There is no time to wipe off the grime
They have known love from what they read in books
Their Ipod conceals what they fear to reveal
Looking down upon the floor at the many feet
In the hollow tunnel where wheels screech
Above is the city-survival of the fittest
Unlike the rodent population in the copulation
Of the metro subway tunnels that funnel
Those who travel unaware who do not care
Awaiting them in the light are the skyscrapers
Nostrils filling with the vapors
Skyscrapers like giant fingers reaching towards
Rusty clouds like shrouds that leap
Towards shadows in the street that will not keep
The televisions emit their light
Radios blare on in the existence created for them
Above while below
Roarings in the hollow tunnel continue onwards
The viper refuses to slumber
Due to the number who continue to venture
On metro subways that rise up into the streets

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved