Monday, October 22, 2007

"In the Nature of Things"

John Lee Hooker music plays in the background
My eyes stare out into blank spaces
The gaze is upon unseen stars cloaked
Under the sun of all suns
At times double vision distorts
Voices permeate the air
In the conglomeration upon my porch
Wild animals approach within thirty feet
Unaware of the fears I have known
Gently foraging on the grass
They are saved by grace
In the evercoming winds
Close by a discarded cooler
Rememberance of voices
As we quenched our thirsts
Spirits of laughter fade in and out
Upon my porch I see
Thickened white hairs of my beard
Bruise my face
The old man grimaces and shouts out silently
In the pain of happiness
A lump in my throat protrudes
As though my heart has been swallowed
Yet I have breathed out the death of my fears
Many times have I breathed
Walking the breadth of the fields of wheat
Music has always been sweet
Even with holes in the leather of my shoes
The jingle of coins in my pocket
As the mighty locomotive trudges onward
Belching smoke from its blackened stack
Faithful dogs await me
Upon my porch
Yet another day is done
Under this sun of all suns
Which dried my tears long ago
In places where no solace could be found
I am in the by and by as night approaches
Under the moon where stars are seen
Upon my porch I see

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved