Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Earthly Delight"

Once on a trip to the planet Earth
My taste for sushi was acquired
Inhabitants of that place were fairly ugly
Their ways were not much to be desired
While out collecting specimens of herbs
I study them for the collective
The study of plants is my field of expertise
In reaching my main objective
In the fibers of such growths
Many miracles abide
My life's work holds me steady
Keeping me alive inside
All relative to a days work
As I go from planet to planet
Gallactic procedures and its rules
Are steadfast and written in granite
I never deviate from the plan
Ever mindful of the universe
With care to leave things in pristine condition
In utmost priority of the obverse
The only gem upon that surface
When I am at ease in my home
My taste for shushi which I find delicous
That causes me not to roam
It is a delicacy I do not wish to share
Or to let its existence be discovered
So I consume it secretly keeping it for myself
All of the sushi I've recovered
On my journeys to the planet Earth

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved