Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Joined Minds"

In silence appealing to one another
Emotions eternal in time
Humbled unto each other
Joined minds on a silent journey
Others who dare to inquire
Find themselves in query
Attempting to capture the solace
Of they cannot invade
Unto the stone images created
At the stroke of the master sculptor
Who has attempted to reveal
That which cannot be given
It can only be seen by those
Grasping the true meaning
Within the silence
Likened unto bleating lambs
Who in their innocence
Trust the inner senses
To lead them into safety
Though ravenous wolves prowl
Unable to invade
Silence and confidence
Carry a heavy weight against them
Yet though they may attempt
Mere words cannot exist
The silent mind defeats chaos
Where no enemy thrives
Resistance is null
Joined minds on their journey
Out in the open for all to see
Though they may not enter
Except within their own minds

© 2008 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Silent Flame"

Waiting for my daughter in the town square
Off to the market we will go
It is the one joy of the week I have left
Then I'll walk to my house on the row
A few loaves of bread,maybe a fish
Then there's the faces of friends
At the end of the day when all is done
And I have made all my amends
In the silence of the walk home
Thoughts are of my son long gone
Each day he is missed
I light a candle in my window
Pretending he is still here
Sleep overcomes me
As I watch the flame dance
On the wick of the candle in my window

© 2008 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"In The Shadows"

Hiding in shadows watching my mother
Walking to her house on the row
She is the loveliest of ladies
Her pace is steady and slow
Several years have passed by
Still in the shadows I hide
Watching over my mother
Who thinks I have long ago died
Too many heartaches were caused
For I was a foolish young man
Filled with drink and the wrong crowds
In the filth of the streets I ran
My sister had told me she saw my mother
Sitting in the kitchen in tears
Therefore in thought it confirmed things
Showing me all of my fears
Setting out to sea on a trawler
Thinking of my mother who cried
Over a fool like myself
Better off she would think I had died
Still I come to see her
Although she will never know
I am in the thick of the shadows watching
Her walk to her house on the row

© 2008 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Friday, December 5, 2008

"Central Park"

Walking in the park even in the rain
Outside noises fade into the breeze
We escape from the eyes of the city
Sheltered by the boughs of the trees
On occasion a bird will flutter
Yet it will not sing out its song
Upon the blackened branch it sits
In wrought for its plight so long
There are no shelters nearby
So much for urgency when walking in rain
Brisk winds that whip about the face
Yet there is no enduring pain
Our tapping heels upon the pavement
Neat rows of benches on either side
Cultures of people who are normally present
Across the concrete divide
A darkened sun holds back its rays
Clouds shade the skies innermost desire
A whispering wind can be heard
In this place that is filled with mire

© 2008 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Through My Eyes"

A final look before sleep comes
Once the shade is pulled
Clouds murmuring quietly
In groaning winds before the rain
Droplets upon the window
Teasing the eyesight in haze
Distant shapes over the horizon
Of things that never cease to amaze
Many times have come and gone
Upon my windowsill
Parting clouds in a tempest
Returning upon newborn winds
Each storm brings new thoughts
Before my slumber which surely comes

© 2008 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Bittersweet Victory"

Shuffling feet on the sawdust floor
Clacking noises on tables surrounding
Drifting smoke that fills the room
Voices around which cannot be seen
This when my senses are keen
There is the smooth action upon the table
In a place where all else is unstable
Crystal clear within my head
The hand is steady and sure
Sweat upon my brow so cool
Never forgetting my roots
Using it as a gleaming tool
To remember when there was no light
At the end of an endless tunnel
Then came that feint gleam of light
Down that deep struck funnel
Giving life back one drop at a time
Upon that table of smooth green felt
The stick within my grasp a heavy weight
Not realizing at the time my fate
Over years to serve me well
To eat bread daily avoiding hell
Wafting smoke permeating my very clothes
Odor of where I come from
What I am about in essense of time
Shuffling feet on sawdust floors
Out of the hole I shall climb

© 2008 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Pondering My Days"

Days have gone by in their own time
Many people have crossed my way
Some were lost souls searching
There were those who had something to say
Some were silent in their own world
The day seemed to pass them by
Steeped in the mystery of their own gloom
I never questioned why
Each cloud has had its own expression
Every bird its own song
My labour in the fields and upon the sea
Upon this earth has been long
Wind has beaten upon my face
Warm rays from the sun have soothed me
In my slumber such dreams have taken place
Reminding me of an infinite grace
Long nights spent gazing at stars
Of their beauty I never tire
Listening to the crackling flames
Next to the old campfire

© 2008 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved