Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Flower Power"

Waiting amongst the daffodils
Until you arrive
To kiss me upon my face
Such flowers are merely
A distraction to me
In this magical place
Closing my eyes for a single moment
Brings me visions
Of sugar plum faeries
On incandescent daffodils
In changing light that varies
Occasionally the dragonfly visits
While I listen to the songs birds sing
Gentle winds blowing
Through boughs of trees
As I float upon the wing
Of an imaginary bird in the air
It's heartbeat increases with every stroke
Such words upon my lips
That only you can invoke
In the sweet by and by
Of an inner melody
That skips along gently
Within my mind
Elusively fading into the fog
Wanting you to find
That dream in which we both desire
Within the inner fire
Its gentle pulling
Like the lull of the ocean
To and fro
In the slow motion
Come to me quickly as I lay
Amongst the flowers
Dreaming of you
In the silence of powers
Beyond my control and all that it seems
Upon this ocean within my mind

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved