Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Inner Sight"

Although my appearance
Comes to you as a blind man
Those who seek me upon
Solid terra firma
My sight extends beyond
Such distances that most
Would care to understand
In this darkness
There is more peace than lonliness
The bright light is at my side
And within me as well
A lantern in likeness to a beacon
One that steers lost ships
From fog filled cliffs
That clutter the shores of ones mind
The crossings are a leap of faith
Therefore I have no real fear of it
Since darkness rules the abyss
Of which there is no ending
My plunge is validated
By hands which search for me
They touch my mind as if braille
Read by the passing of my fingers
When you reach out a hand is there
Although it is dark and unseen
Rest assured it is there
The stumbling block is intentional
It is there to cause the chaff to flee
One pass through the darkness
Light awaits on the other side
This is how I manage to have sight
The fog clears away
You can find it in my music if you listen
Find me on the street corners
With my accordion I play the melody for you
Act quickly notes only hang in the air for so long

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


On midnight winds I appear
Fear not my intentions are not to harm
Life ended quite abruptly for me
Before my chances to love came
Virginity will forever be mine
I have only kissed the wind
Longing to feel warmth in this cold
Ascending momentarily hoping
To touch upon a human heart
A voice heard from afar
Is in itself enough to bring me comfort
Might I sleep with the sound of a voice
Echoing sweetly in my ear
Bringing me solace in replacement
Of those days in which I lived
I were as if unripened fruit
Upon a tree waiting for my season
In which to bloom in natures glory
Yet that season did not come
As winter is in pristine sterility
Such as it were my blooming
Never saw fruition in the bearing of seeds
The song of the bird was taken
But its wings never took proper flight
In its nesting the laid eggs never hatched
Deprivation of incubation occured
Much as in my own vision was blurred
The taste of honey in the air is in my mind
There it shall remain
I still hold true to my faith of creation
Look for me on these nights
Of midnight winds
Knowing my true intentions
If I were to appear please feel free
Acknowldge me if you will
You will not be dissapointed by my abandonment
I will not abandon thee
You will find yourself looking for me
When midnight winds are blowing softly
Only then shall I place my tears into your hands

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Determined men in hostile skies
Lefty Lestz in the B-25
A highly decorated war hero
Of which I never knew
Shithouse Mouse was the name of his bird
That flew those fearsome skies
The flying fortress spewing death
As into the clouds it would rise
Well meaning men who had different lives
Lefty played ball for the White Sox
Until came the call for war
He never imagined what was ahead
Fighting the Afrika Corps
The exposure to death and destruction
Had great effect on his mind
Taking him to places of terror
From which he would never find
The peace he had known from times past
A haunt on his patterns of thought
Downed with malaria-sent packing home
All of the work he had wrought
Unable to return to his love of baseball
His greatest joy in life
Taking on other meaningful work
Attempting to alleviate his strife
Still the B-25 haunted his dreams
Many a night waking up to his screams
With his mind injured beyond repair
Only he knew of his own despair
A fatality of those events
The mortal wound chronic in form
Two decades later it struck out
There was no quell within the storm
For the haunts to stop
To end the strife
Finally succumbing to the ending of life
On the lonely shores of the cruel lake
The final spark of him it would take
I used to play with his medals as a child
Pinning his stars to my shoulder
In remembrance of the look upon his face
His stare out into space
He remembered his comrades who molder
Finally hell fire rests
In a thing long past due
Rest in Peace Lefty Lestz
The man in the B-25

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Haunted Sleep"

You once told me I haunted your dreams
Do I haunt you soul as well
Release me from my prison within the rain
Allow me to rest in the warmth of your folds
Let your sweet juices engulf me tenderly
Wrap your hair around my neck and over my face
Let me sleep upon your back with gentle kindness
Holding your hands within mine
Let us listen to eachother breathe
In the night air I will sleep softly
You will make it a sweet slumber for me
We will sleep through the days and nights
The rain pelting upon our rooftop
It only makes us want to sleep longer into the days
So that we may own the nights together
How long can you keep from me
We haunt eachothers dreams
Our souls are haunted endlessly
You go to work everyday
But I am your work
You know the miles that separate us
Mere milestones that appear along the winding path
Distance is only a metaphor
We cannot hide from outselves forever
The warmth of my sun is hidden from me
Clouds prevent it from making its appearance
It is cold without its rays upon me
Blankly staring into the ice
I wait for my sun to shine down
You are my sun
Releasing me from my prison within the rain

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Counting Crows"

I cry in my heart silently
Trying to touch their calling in my mind
They can be felt deep in my throat
Their laughter is drowned out in my sorrow
They fly encircling my lonely tree
The ocean is drenched in their tears
Upon my feet I see them crawling
They are hoping to see me watching
Their eyes can see me clearly
As I stand upon my rock
Counting crows in the air
As they begin to gently mock
They feed upon the people
Tapping into the fear
They are without conscience
Mistaken kindness as weakness
Their intentions are quite clear

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Tall in the Fields"

I have laid in this field many times
Staring blankly up into the sky
My eyes pierce the linings of clouds
There are no stars beyond them
In this endless sky that toils
Under a sun that blazes
In fields of silent wheat
I am hidden from the world
Probing eyes that would engulf
Searching but you will not find me
Smiling beyond your sight
Under your shoes is fresh soil
But it leads you not to the path
Where I have walked before your arrival
Tardiness is not becoming of you
Therefore you were abandoned by me
I did not wait for you very long
The call of the voice hearkened unto my ear
Whilst I hid myself in the welcoming fields
Nearby the place where I dwell
I can see my good farm in the distance
My dog waits for me by the roadside
He knows I am near but still far away
Yet he is faithful to my presence
With a glad hearts he awaits
Knowing my time in the fields
Is not a form of abandonment
But rather it is a sharing of myself
With the other elements that abound
All part of the oneness in being
Of which all parts formed together
Equal the mass of more than one
He knows I will fill my chair in good time
That I will come to him from the fields of wheat
He will see my face rise up from the place
Where once stood stalks of corn
He understands
That this is the season of the cutworms
The hollow sound of the bark upon trees
Hearken the coming of premature turning of the leaves
Faded grasshoppers with torn wings trudge on
The monarch butterfly slowly dies upon the dew
A songbird rises up early in the morning
It is seen to take flight across the fields
He does not return until the setting of the sun
When the moon begins to rise
It is the song of songs unlike any unto an ear
Has been heard at any other time
This is the language that relies on harmony
It is the voice that hides in the fields
Within the trees and upon the tree tops
It is in the hearts of birds and even the bats
As well it is in the heart of my dog who awaits me
He knows I am in the field of wheat
When he sees my face he will shake his limbs
In anticipation as I am seen from off afar
The distance is irrelevant in time
The language between us fills the gap
As though we were already side by side
I am coming to him but am already there
Steadfast as I forage homeward bound
The sound of the railroad train is behind me
That track which I once traveled and spied
Across these very fields and I saw
The place where I would one day be
Then it was made true
All these things imagined before they were seen
It is no suprise to me at all
For I knew my place before I was ever there
The fields in which I lay spoke to me long ago
As I passed by on the tracks quickly
And heard them speak

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Boyhood laughter upon the beach
Recapturing the times of my youth
The waves upon the shore
Sound as they did long ago
My brothers voice is heard in the distance
Across the unchanging dunes
Then I realize 50 years have passed
Before my very eyes
The lighthouse at the end of the pier
Still stands as it did before
Children filling their sandpails
Parents who watch and adore
Gulls passing silently by
On this timeless Michigan shore
The childrens laughter sounds familiar
From days of long ago
For a brief moment I forget
Then it is time to go
I cannot grasp that which fades
Ghosts that linger from the past
For only a moment to envision
Images that have quickly amassed
I am thankful for the days
Which became more to me than a dream

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Tater House Blues"

Sing to the walls though they be crumblin'
Though they be peelin' mighty too
What's this thing that I'm feelin'
They call it the tater house blues
I got the blues inside of me a hollerin'
Nobody can know of the pain
Listen to my guitar a playin'
I'm a singin' in the Alabama rain
Water keeps risin' by the river
No cotton crops this year
My mammy keeps a crying
She's got taters in the house
But no way to see herself clear
She's got the tater house blues
The tater house blues
I'm a playing her a song
About the tater house blues
There's no stoppin' her from cryin'
O'er the tater house blues
No cotton in the fields
No work for our mule
Nobody is a dancin'
They got the tater house blues
We're gonna dig and be dug
Until we pay our dues
There's no stoppin' this Alabama rain
It brings with it all of the pain
Work from the time the sun rises high
Until it sets-we surely won't die
Woe is me to that earful of news
Everybody's got the tater house blues

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved
© Lyrics copyright-May 21,1971 (original)

"Lone Wolf"

My heart drops like a bell in my mouth
One more look down the road
Just to make sure the dog isn't following
Before I loosen my load
Last night as the moon so bright
I heard the voice call to me
Down that road I must go
Until it is clear that I'm free
Dust filled boots by the time I'm done
Small towns seem to pull
Any place seems to do
For I am just a fool
Keep on chasin' that voice that calls
Echoes in my ear
Afraid to stop answering its call
Mostly out of fear
Someday I'll head to home for good
Runnin' days at end
Until that day I'll keep on rolling
The road is my only friend

© 1997 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved