Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Silent Calling"

A hand reaches out
Grasping for moonbeams
Like silent memories
From out of the past
Within the mind as if
Yesterday seems only
A thought away
Beyond such horizons
Searching the memories
Elusive ghosts
Clinging to the innermost
Recesses of the mind
There is a certain lonliness
Only the essence remains
Imagination of the laughter
Great words that were spoken
Words of wisdom
Yet it was taken for granted
Passing through my hands
Falling unto the earth
Like a great puzzle
Attempting to pick up the pieces
It sometimes eludes capture
Fading away
Dancing moonbeams
Teasing upon the water
Causing me to return once again
In search of the memories
That inhabit within

© 2010 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved