Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Silent Hope"

Opinions kept in silence
Do not reach the ears of men
Nor do they become victims
To the sting of the tongue
My mouth serves as a den
Unto wolves who dwell within
Amongst my entwined branches
A beaten brow in survival
Elements of time in nature
Reveal such worn surfaces
Yet the marrow slumbers deeply
Within the safety of concealment
Words spoken only encourage
Xenophobia to flourish
Thriving in coexistence with dreams
Harmony fights against the variances
Yet it cannot force itself upon the wind
The beating of hearts flutter gently
Solid matter holds life's essence
Where the whims of thoughts
Unable to penetrate the barriers
Which separate and prevent
The crossing over of two edged swords
That would cut the bonds which hold
Eternal existence of all origins
Presiding upon the universe
Chaos reigns in the streets
Yet within the cries of the moanings
Voices can still be heard
Which speak with soft tongues
Revealing such truths for its own sake
Although such things often fall upon
Deaf ears of fallen men
My roots are deep into and upon
Earthen places that keep me
My thirst is replenished by the rains
There is still great hope for all humankind
Who walk upon this earth


© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved