Friday, June 15, 2007

"Concealed Digits"

Digits upon this loathsome wall
The keepers are but numbers
Who place their keys into slots
Temporarily assigned as is their mind
Compact boxes which have no windows
Concealing the other side
Cobwebs run parallel in the room
Which has been forgotten
That resides on the other side
Of the boxes with digits upon them
That now represent utter pious soulful eyes
In existence of that which denies
Small windows within which to peer
Revealing the contents or if it be bare
Yet there is no time to spare
Cobwebs in parallel transfer such feelings
That enter into morbid minds
Of treasures sought that combines
Dreamlike notions of what may be
Laying in wait to silently see
The contorted expressions upon the faces
When invasion occurs of assigned spaces
Segregated emotions for safety reasons
Only remain in changing seasons
Behind the iron box they survive
The only thing left that seems alive
With exception to the spiders who dwell
The keepers of the webs that elude detection
Because there are no digits placed upon them

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Naked Presence"

In this evening glory
Such trees in the grove
My skulled owl spirit guide
Hovers over the child inside me
In the fear at dusk
Though I am frozen in the cold place
My spirit guide pleases me
With its presence I am no longer prey
What wells up out of springs
That which quenches a thirst
Cannot make false bargains
Over water that flows freely from the rivers
What comes in stealth of night
Must appear before the light of the fire
If it retreats in its own fear
Still the crackling of the embers
Brings warmth to my soul
In the presence of my mentor
I am prostrate
The art of falling down with my hands raised up
Has served me well until maturity
Once that was reached I no longer
Laid in horizontal position upon the ground
I am perpendicular and able to see clearly
The hovering spirit guide is able to tell
My lessons have been learned well
Still my hovering guide protects
The place where the innocent child
Dwells within me in his own place
It shall follow me through all my days
Filling the needs within my own heart

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"I Adore"

Please do me a favor will you?
Next time you speak to your folks
Thank them for me
Meeting you would never have occured;
I hardly ask much out of people
In this human race we have
So please thank them for me
You would not be the person you are
In addition to this my life would be less
The world would be deprived
Even more so I
Of that rendevous in time
Wherein our energies combined
For a moment or two
This is all greatly due...
Well,you know I smile a bit now
From that moment in time
When you became part of
This place in the human race
It was the beginning of your formation
Resulting in the culmination
Of who you are
So please thank your folks for me
And also thank you as well
This is all greatly due...
Well I guess you know the rest
For being the person you are
Without that my unknown loss would be
Counted along with the rest
Of my dreams that were dashed upon the rocks
I never take these things for granted
Cherishing these precious moments in time
You have made my heart leap
Allowing me to know that there is much
To be grateful for and to adore
So I must know will you do that for me?
Once again thank you for being in my world
And for allowing me into yours

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Nap Time"

I'm ready for my nap now
Will you take one with me
Why are you looking at me so
Do you love me-do you like me
I would just like to let you know
It's really nice here
I like to snuggle
Under the covers is best
Later on when my nap is over
When I have had a rest
We can play a bit if you want to
Or go for a walk outside
We can listen to music in the kitchen
If you want to
I can sit there with you at my side
It doesn't matter what we do
As long as I know you are near
I know I'm safe whenever your close
For there is nothing to fear

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"To and Fro"

Do not compare me to the dove
Rest upon the sole of my foot
Obtained upon any floating thing
Whether it be tree or cattle
It is impossible for me to cleave
Unto any living man's breast
Going forth to and fro upon the earth
Until the waters are dried up
Since the days of Noah
When the dove hath returned
Olive branch in beak
I feasted upon the carcasses
Therefore the need to return
Was only in the blazing sun
Which continued to mercilessly burn
It's cruel rays of heat upon my back
Thriving in the misfortune
Without companionship of the maggot
I was filled to the brim
Sitting upon this perch to observe
A city in slumber like the dove
It needs a resting place to survive
Yet I need none
In the distance are monuments
Built for dead kings
Who knew nothing of these things
They would be carrion
Upon that flooding brooding sea
Eyes from which had seen
Would be taken clean
With no regard for Pleiades
I am Atlas while the dove is Orion
The lost one hides in grief and shame
From I who has no spoken name

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


I often sit here and wonder
What would I do without you
We are miles apart
But I feel you closely upon my heart
If you were to die
A part of me would also die
Do you feel this of what I say
Please do not die on me
You are the bright light
That lights up my day
Even when you do not reply
I still feel you with me
Your energy defies my resistance
It soaks into me over the miles
And I wonder what would I do without you

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Phantom Mother"

Faded memories of my mother
When we used to play
She never said goodbye to me
Or even gave a wave
She is in my dreams at night
Clenching my pillow tight
Muffling my inward sound
Tears soak until I sleep
In her dreams she is found
We always end up playing
Few words are barely spoken
Wherever she is I know she loves me
We always have our dreams to be
Together while I sleep
She will always be with me
Within my heart I keep

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Keeping the Watch"

What has happened to us
We talk but you are far from me
Deep in your own self
You will not allow me in
I am your friend in all circumstances
Is it something I have said or done
Scaling the wall you have erected
Is a treacherous journey for me
But I would climb a thousand walls
Die a thousand deaths
Place a thousand kisses upon your forehead
Still you are aloof and reticent
I know it has nothing to do with vanity
But I feel as if this thing of folly must end
You will not drive me away like this
Here I will be in front of your face
Every time you look upon me
You will see my waiting eyes
I will keep the watch for you until tears
Stream down your face
You must break down and save yourself
Rest your head in my lap
I will sing to you until you are asleep
The child that is within you is calling
His voice rings in your ears
Gently I will lift your heart up
Your broken wings will be mended
The child inside of you will be heard
He will be cared for in your absence
Do not make plans to fall into the abyss
Refusal to lessen my grip will not occur
You will not fall
As you have held me up in times past
So will I hold you in the same manner
Be well and come back to me
Soon the sun will be up
As perspiration pours from me
So will our hearts pour out onto eachother
Falling sweetly into our own arms
As we rock ourselves to sleep

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


She sits and waits
Not sure why anymore.
Something has changed
It's not the same as before
When she closes her eyes
She remembers the dreams
But intuition is warning her
Not all's as it seems
She hates to admit it
It just makes her cry
Her heart's almost sure
His love was a lie
He's a warrior
Gone on a mission
Wherever he's gone
He had her permission.
He travels a brand new trail
His where abouts unknown
And all she has left are
The dreams they once owned
She seeks the Great Grandfather
To put the truth in her eyes.
When she sees him with his new love
Her dreams become lies

"Concrete Dragon Walls"

These walls are dragon walls
Nostrils of fire breathe
I touch it's scales upon the breast
Frozen concrete unmovable
Closing my eyes thinking
How I will slay him with my lance
Kings will praise me
I have no life with exception
To this wall before me
Several times when within the castle
I surrendered my sword
Hearing that the final dragon had been slain
Then only again when upon the wall
I am called back into service
Giving my life of servitude importance
The rest of the world is behind me
And I am between the world and the wall
The wall where dreams become reality
Only limited by the hot breath
In barren lands of my own mind
Others who analyze this
Will only draw medevial conclusions
While riding my steed into the horizon
Concealed frozen concrete walls
Keep my secret safe from prying minds
Of those who refuse to fight dragons
Who live inside these places

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Timeless Love"

Beyond all time we slumber
In close proximity to eachother
Immortality was hoped for
They joined our hands
Carrying us to a place
We could not carry ourselves
The feather is upon the scale
When our hearts are weighed against it
Triumph will ring out glorisously
Then we shall move on
As trumpets play in the eons
Long after our disintegrated bones
Our energy thrive
One unto another it is representative
Bonds meant to be shall find a way
To claim what is in the fates
From birth to death to life

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Unbroken Spirit"

I love my dad with all my heart
When he does this I remove myself
Until its over then I return
There is no pain felt in my place
Far off in a peaceful setting
Where I remember as a girl
When dad would ride me on his back
Tickling me on the grass
How we would laugh without a care
Back then it was a family affair
Bitterness began with mom's demise
It was like being placed in a vise
Squeezed he eased his pain with strong drink
Until he was unable to think
Still those tears flowed
More than he could sanely bare
My older brother could not share
For blame and guilt in disrepair
Soon he was departed to another road
I was left to bear the load
It doesn't happen often and I know
It is only so because of his pain
Not meaning to hurt me in his overflow
In pain he strikes out at his ghosts
If I remove him from the space
Then his act upon me seems undone
I pretend it's self infliction
There is nothing to forgive
Appearing as a colorless image
He is unaware-not really there
His actions are nullified therefore
It is my father whom I dearly adore
This mark upon my face which I abhor
Is not the handiwork of any man
Colorless he is in the space
Invisible is the force of the blow of the hand
Were my dad really here
He would protect me - this I know

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


You owe me a story Grandpa
At breakfast you promised me
My nap time is almost here
It's half past three
This one does not count
As a bedtime one you know
That one is different
It gets read from that big book slow
Make this a good story
So I can sleep
The bedtime story will keep
Later on we'll go out and play
Just like we do most every day
Later on I'll sit by you on the porch
While you take another nap
I will sit there and play with your curly hair
Watching you sleep as you make those funny sounds

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Forlorn Vinyard"

The road at the vinyard
Naked sticks to the trellis
Staring all at once
Intrusion in the grapeless field
A quagmire is concealed below the surface
One that bogs down the mind
Crushing the spirit into depths
Far below the roots that feed
Within the earth
Symmetrical invertebrates move silently
They know not of the abandonment
Of the grapes from which fine wine flows
Or unto whose lips their flourish reaches
At the end of the road is the caretakers house
Neither do they know him
The sun is their enemy which drains
Precious moisture goes to roots that steal
Small quantities of moisture
Feeding the lifelines for grapes
Fermentation occurs even in myself
Thank you for coming when I called you
Most people would not take the time
It's usually all about them as I'm sure you know
Occasionally a centipede surfaces
But does not seem to crave my acquaintance
Verily I observe its movements
That has to be good enough for me
Pious ants may sometimes feel my shoe
Out of curiosity they may look upon the sole
Hoping to find refreshment of some sort
Carefully I move so as not to crush their abdomens
As I wait for you to appear in the rain
That begins to cleanse my mind

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved