Monday, July 20, 2009

"Rhythm of the Rails"

As I ride the rails into the fog
Under a rising sun
As if dissapearing into the abyss
Before the day is done
The constant rhythm of grinding wheels
Brings peace that's hard to find
In the cool breeze upon my face
That slowly enters my mind
In high altitudes the sky roars
Barely perceptible as quiet thunder
In my heart of hearts of which I feel
Cannot be put asunder
The city is far behind
People are on my mind
I realize for all their differences
For everyone I may find
The world with it's people
Regardless of distance
Are a giant bouquet of different species
In constant resistance
Each one speaks out as an individual
Their character in spite of the flaws
Making them unique in so many ways
In spite of man made laws
Outer beauty has never impressed me
It's been my constant desire
For what resides inside each thing
That speaks like flickering fire
The gathering of observations
Lasting impressions collected along the way
Keeping me company as I ride the rails
Throughout the long cool day
Slumbering on the bales of straw
The towns pass quickly by
Always observing from a safe distance
So as not to get in the way
I dissapear into the fog
With nothing more to say

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved