Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Nonchalant Visitation"

My mother and I used to observe
As a child in our garden we watched
Butterflies who gently fluttered
On graceful wings upon flowers
Sometimes resting upon rocks
She used to tell me stories
That they were really fairies disguised
It was not until many years later
That I finally realized
When I carried her to her final place
Taking notice of their presence
By chance upon a visit
A butterfly rested upon her stone
It seemed as if waiting
For me to show
Momentarily it took flight
To a nearby bridge by a pond
When I sat by the water
There it lighted
Close to my hand
As though it took me
To a secret land
There it rested with folded wings
In the distance
A bluebird sings
Then it was gone as quickly
As it had appeared
My eyes teared
In remembrance of
Past memories
By chance they seem to come
And go in my life
Now I strongly suspect
She secretly visits
Upon her shoulder rests
The shoulder of my wife
This gentle butterfly
Which seemed as if waiting
For me to show
Before it took flight
To such other places
It must go

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved