Saturday, March 28, 2009


All the while riding the train
Through the window in the rain
Thoughts of coming home to stay
Big city life just got too big
Never a moment of peace or silence
Sirens blaring
People staring
Not much to it except for the stench
An occasional rodent
It's the safest form of entertainment
Blank stares surround everyone
Never knowing what's intended
The train trudged onwards towards home
My mind continued to roam
Of childhood days down by the lake
When you scared me with that snake
Riding our bikes down the trail
Our friendship was never doomed to fail
Well I am home now and you are here
At the depot where the train rests
Far away from the booming city
It is a city without pity
I am in your arms with no regrets

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Hungry Cloud"

The Michelin Man is in the sky
I think he is trying to catch that fish
Lucky I was eating lunch and saw him
Before that cloud went swish
It looks like he put on some weight
He seems to be growing a tail
Perhaps he needs to eat that fish
Before he can prevail
Today is cool so he won't sweat
Blowing across the sky
Isn't he tired-he looks a bit pale
His stomach must be fluttering
Like a butterfly

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Each day goes by without a word
Today I brought her flowers
Each night my thoughts are of her
Unlike mysterious powers
We've seen each other over time
But never spoke a word
Time was just not on our side
We had not yet matured
Perhaps tomorrow I will speak
If not then-maybe next week

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Hidden Agenda"

Each day when the girl from next door comes looking
I hide in the fountain by the square
It all started out quite innocently
When she offered to cut my hair
Soon it became a weekly ritual
Afterwards we took walks in the park
Next thing I know we are going to places
Listening to the songs of a lark
Spending time at the city zoo
Even a flower show
Where this all was going I wondered
And where it would eventually go
For many months it carried on
But now she wants me to marry
It is a burden for me to think of
Fearful that I must carry
I like her alot but what if I fail
Or what if we stop taking our walks
Life might get too serious
It might show up in our talks
Some people automatically get old
Ending up like my mom and dad
They don't seem to ever have fun
I suspect they are mostly sad
Then there is the subject of children
I don't know much about being a dad
It's sort of scary thinking of it
Then what if my wife go mad
She might stop talking to me
Or force me to eat dinner alone
I think hiding in the fountain for now
Is better than facing the unknown

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Young at Heart"

Some people think I'm too old to have fun
That I shouldn't be laughing out loud
They think I should keep to myself
Like it's some sort of a sin to be proud
I feel no different than when I was young
My feelings towards life are the same
Admittedly there are a few handicaps
But none that have brought me defame
It takes me a bit to get going in the morn
My requirements for sleep are now much less
I'm not outmoded by any means except morally
Of this I must acquiesce
Each day of awakening is a day of thanks
Another chance to live my life
Until it ends I intend to dance
To the tune of the drum and the fife

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved