Friday, June 29, 2007


Very few have ever seen me
I hide by light of day
Except in brief expanses
Quite out of the way
Birds fancy me as I do them
Their songs are very sweet
I listen to them as my thirst
Is quenched
Always ready to retreat
My home is deep within the forest
Hidden by the trees
I'm over 300 years old
And I hold the keys
To the heart that wanders
In search of lonely doves
In wisps of wind you'll see me
In all that nature loves

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Innocence on the Shores"

Down by the seashore
With my best friend
We sit in the sand by the waves
He listens to my stories about the pirates
Of all the dead mens graves
Pirate ships used to sail
Close by near the old lighthouse pier
Shooting their cannons off
Making noise and causing fear
Now that my story is over
We'll build a castle from sand
I'll be a king-he'll be a knight
In the middle of the castle we'll stand
After that the waves will come
To knock the castle down
Then we shall listen to a seashell
And bury dead fish with a frown
Most of the time we bury them in pairs
So none of them get lonely at night
Marking their graves with popsicle sticks
Til the waves knock them out of sight

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Recognized Flaw"

I am the child of fallen angels
Before my own time
Within them are beasts
Such is the same within me
If not for that brief moment
Wherein a spark of warmth
Revealed itself
Undiscovered would it remain
Amongst my broken wings
Yet the inner spirit survives
Beasts fights against the spark
Flames shall lick at them
Broken wings of burnt glory
Soaring would they be
If not for my inferiority
Being the cause of others
Orphaned before my time
With no outstretched hand
This is the fate of many
As we faint in malignant terror

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


My older brother won't play with me
Life isn't that much fun anymore
My dog just wants to sleep today
My sister is such a bore
Last week I got some crab apples
While sitting in a tree
Most of them I threw at other kids
Especially at this girl named Marie
I don't like her
She always smiles when I go to school
Then the other boys laugh at me
So I dunk them in the pool
Mom just told me not to run
While I'm in the house
So I'll just sit here in the hallway
Quiet as a mouse
Maybe Dad will play with me
When he comes home from work
Guess I'll go next door and see the cat
Instead of my homework
Last time I pulled the cat's tail hard
But then he ran away
I don't think he likes me much
'Cause he won't try to play
Nobody likes me for some reason
I just can't figure why
I'm pretty nice most of the time
Except when I make girls cry

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


As a child those who told me
Stories of this land
This lake of serentiy
Has been a guiding hand
Its waters touching every shore
By every village edge
Nourishing every flower and tree
That grows upon it's ledge
Roots run deep-roots run true
I sit upon my steed
A setting sun-this day is done
It has filled the need
Of those I love and who love me
Flourishing in this land
Soft shadows under velvet skies
Upon this place so grand

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Twisted Carousel"

Children come here on afternoons
Wooden horses with sardonic faces
Often mistaken for another emotion
On the merry go round that embraces
The calliope plays its mellow tune
Birds in trees are catatonic
Tranquilized from people's lies
The laughter of children being mnemonic
For dreams that have passed
Unto hands clenched on rails
From the fringes of the girth
A memory which fails
Mad horses on poles encircle
Margins of this accepted folly
Rain washes away the demons
All that remains is the melancholy
Of wooden horses with eyes affixed
On no particular thing
Catatonic birds look on
Never fluttering a wing

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Delightful Elf"

Spying on children playing games
Peeking through the spaces
Of densely thickened bushes
I can see their beaming faces
It brings me joy to see them laugh
As they jump and play
Quietly through watchful eyes
For the moment I can stay
Nothing stirs in the forest
Which means that all is well
If the sound comes calling
Of the golden bell
Lickey split like the wind
In the blink of an eye I'm gone
If not for the bell that calls me home
I would be watching from dusk to dawn
In their eyes are such joy
As I sit upon my stump
Playing leapfrog with their friends
They leap and play and jump

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Lonely Pup"

I really need a friend right now
It seems I'm all alone
You came and got me yesterday
While I slept as others wept
From the only place I've known
I'm so lonely without my pals
To keep me warm at night
If you could let me sleep with you
I know I'd be alright
Let's be friends forever

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Not to put you on a pedestal
making you into somebody you are not,
but if I called you both my feminine and masculine inspiration,
would you understand that it is merely what you are.
I might as well call you human as well as the most beautiful of women
that you whom read this know "that is what you are"
And if you are a man,
know you have a woman's wonderful qualities within you.

And now away with this prose
And now for the truth about women,

I imagine you sitting there
Naked, or in your underwear,
Or in your jeans or skirt
Perhaps your hair is rumpled from a rough day at work
You are feeling fat today,
Feeling too thin.
You want a man, your husband, boyfriend or friend
You want a woman, your partner, your lover, your friend
To listen to you more
You want him to apologize - an honest apology
That right now you might not feel beautiful,
But that is for me to decide,
For to me you are always beautiful,
For no matter who you are, you are who you are
And that is goddess
And that is woman
That you bleed,
You hate, you love, you cry, you yell, you scream, you . . .
Sometimes you bite your nails, fart, burp, hiccup
Or slurp your soup
Or don't wear what I fantasize about you wearing
Or surprise me for being better than my fantasy
Because believe it or not nothing beats the real thing
And that real thing is you!

You are woman
You are human
Wanting someone to listen to you when you come home, when you throw down,
To discuss philosophy, religion, or just watch the game with.
You want someone to cook you breakfast or dinner once in a while
You want someone to truly care, hoping your:
Birthday, anniversary, or mother's day is not forgotten.

Sometimes you blow your nose, your breath stinks,
Sweat a little much.
Your body changes when you are pregnant
Sometimes you lose the fat,
Sometimes you don't and often the stretch marks let you down,
But I wouldn't have you any other way for those marks, that extra fat
Is a reminder to me of how precious you whom bear life from your womb truly are
And I, but a mere man will never understand and so honor you for the sheer fact that it
Was a woman that brought me into this world,
That I am always in awe of you, for I will never experience that,
That I will experience everything else but giving birth.

Sometimes you wear blue jeans, overalls, or a sexy dress,
Wear a sports shirt, tennis shoes, pumps, sandals or six inch heel boots,
That you are daughter, lover, sister, mother, whore
That you smile, you plays games,
Sometimes playing hard to get
Or sometimes hard to want.

You are nurturer, comforter, warrior and a veteran
Of a domestic violent war,
That you are my teacher, the mirror of my own masculinity,
You are my dream and I scream your name

You are beautiful but never truly realize it,
Are sexy even when you are in your seventies
Are incredible even though you may not be my type
But that doesn't take away from your beauty,
Doesn't take away from the fact I respect and honor you,
That you will always be my friend whether you are 100 lbs or 410.

Women and men should not be separate
That we were put on this earth to love and experience all emotions, but
Damn you are so woman, so human and that is why you are the most beautiful of all,
That every second I sleep, I dream you,
I breathe you,
And when I wake, it is my eyes that are constantly refocused into the reality of you

Please you who read this know how wonderful you are,
Know how precious a treasure you are,
That you might smoke, do drugs, drink a little too much, eat a lot of sugar,
Eat meat or not eat meat,
But you are so human, so very much a woman and so very beautiful
Your gender is truly a gift I feel I've been given on this earth,


"Eternal Friendship"

My friend awaits she knows my approach
I visit her twice a year without fail
No longer used as a harness bull
No longer able to valiantly pull
Her roving eye meets mine
Like a mother who examines her son
Each time I go might be my last
For her long life is just about done
We have known the way of the canvas
Together we have wrestled against the ropes
She sensed when it opened my brow
When It captured my inner most hopes
Stinging salt that festered my wound
I licked the blood mingled with the sweat
She looked on and knew my heart
For this I have no regret
Many times she has looked over me
Watching as I slept in peace
Now I look over her as she once did
Until her soul shall see release
There is no distance between us
The connection will always be
Even in death it will still remain
Between my old friend and me

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved