Thursday, April 2, 2009


Jeering voices which go unheard
Japed for our actions without favor
Our lungs aching with disbelief
The collective refusing to waiver
Incredulous in our convictions
Unable to change for anyone's sake
Words planted in our ears and minds
Did not cause us to quake
Many are the proud
Few are the humble
We beat our fists upon the walls
Closed doors and utter silence
No man is an island
Unto which he falls
No mercy shall be given
For this was something we never gave
Putrid odor emits from our place now
In the ensuing quave
Now we are looked upon with disdain
When the movement begins
No sun shall bring warmth to our bones
Wandering in the way as Beduins
We are found wanton
In the groaning of our inner pain
Realizing all has been said
Our voices and pleas now in vain

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Upon the Water in my Sailboat"

Another day spent upon the sea
In conversation with the spirit of death
Not far off will be my test
Where I will speak out shibboleth!
With hands of callous
My weather beaten face
Outer appearance is of no concern
My companion for the day asks no questions
Or takes notice of the waters which churn
His presence does not irk me
In this life of complicated arbor
Its latticework intrigues me
As we ponder in the quiet harbor
Thankfully only I can see
The spirit which sits by my side
It offers no assistance in my task
My sails fill in good stride
Each day is a thankful day
To live and sail upon the sea
Whatever is ahead will come
Regardless of my plea

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Midnight Imagination"

My conception of familiar surroundings
The kind that are found in fragments of time
A simple toy can become much more
Hidden in a paradigm
While others may not agree with me
It has become my theory
Life without this realization
Would make things for me most dreary
Shapes are easily manipulated
Travel within the mind
Visitation to several places at once
Is possible if so inclined
Distance is irrelevant
A concept of time does not apply
How long does it take to go from thoughts
To accept and personify
In the wake of the waves in motion
Or a moon that waxes and wanes
Touching things that are untouchable
Succumbing to all it attains

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved