Sunday, June 17, 2007

"Cruel Behavior"

Will you chase me away if I come to you
I will travel the slow train in anticipation
Will you refuse to open the door
Slamming shut the window in my mind
Will you kick my dreams away
Destroying what I hope to find
Will you kill me with your silence
Through your cold stare
Pretending to love me for my sake
When you really do not care
Will you pray for my death
Although by my side
Not realizing that our love has died
Will you caress yourself
Concealing from me
Your very thoughts that set me free
Allowing me to live the lie
Will you abandon me as I slowly die
Will you stand far away when they lower me
Into my silent grave by the sea
Will you begin to tell so as to dispell
These thoughts that twist in me
My only wish is to make you happy
If this cannot be done well
Let me go so you may find it
It's better than living in hell
If I can know you are truly happy
Although it means there must be distance
I will relegate my heart to lonliness
So that you may complete your existence

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


This maniacal cat
In my recurring dream
Follows me down the long river bank
Its shark like teeth,is it smiling
Or ready to make me its prey
It has a tail that wags at me
Is it just a tactic it uses
A ploy to get me to come closer
Or am I required to take a leap of faith
Into its awaiting jaws of death
Animals of different species are
Allowed to love eachother
But wherein can they make a home
It is the essense of all creation
Thankful for the chromosome
A monkey with the brain of a human
What would be thought of next
Eyes of eagles to see with better
Or the legs of horses for stamina without rest
Cave drawings upon walls reveal
The notions of men of old
This cat continues to haunt my dreams
Its calculating eyes which appear so cold
Next time I dream of it maybe I will offer a fish
Will it ask for a serpent instead
If it were not immersed in water
In vinegar as its liquid in which to thrive
Would it request a drink of water
To soothe its ailing head
Does it ponder the images
That appear in dirty clouds
I ponder its very existence
The effects it would have on the crowds
Who would peer at it through dark glasses
And revile it until extinction was achieved

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Dust within like a clap of thunder
My life is far from done
I am the father of many children
Although I have fathered none
I am some kind of magnet it seems
Stuck in the middle of the crowd
There is no hiding or so it seems
My energy speaks out too loud
Various ways I have tried to muffle it
Isolation is the only way
Hiding in dark remote places
Until I can no longer stay
From dark forests into hell
Where I must run from
The viper and the demon with hooves
In single solitude another form of hiding
Until comes the time when he moves
I must breach the veil when the curtain lifts
Otherwise I must remain
Until when the next time frame shifts
The clap of thunder makes the signal
It is the clicking within the sounding bell
It fill my ears with silent tears
From dark forests as I move in towards hell

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Cloud Frolics"

Floating across the blue sky
She plays alone today
Skipping along towards a rainbow
She visits me this way
Always when the sun is high at near noon
Not another cloud in the sky
Where does she come from
Where does she go
Her presence is pleasant to my eye
Many times I have seen her
The girl without a name
Sometimes she brings her ball
Always playing a game
Jumping rope,skipping at times
She replaces my sister long gone
Who dissapeared without a trace
Once upon a dawn
I think it would be nice to name her
JoAnne will be her name
I will talk to her in the sky where she lives
Her life will still be the same
Floating as the wisp in the sky
Leaving without warning
She bids me adieu quickly today
In the warmth of the desert morning
Farewell JoAnne until next time
Be well my sister,be well

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved