Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Little Mommy"

"Little Mommy"

In contemplation I take notice
Of how the dew gives way
To the rising sun
Except in places
It lasts awhile longer
Before it's finally done
But then there are flowers
That dance because of winds
Their swaying petals
Although at times motionless
As in such that which rescinds
Great spans of time
Bonds which still hold true
Another day-another sun
Another morning dew
Whether under moon and stars
Or muddy colored clouds
The sky will always look upon us
In care of gentle shrouds
Yet there is the path of wonderment
That I have traveled greatly
To know their heart
To share their mind
They are so,somewhat stately
Verily even death
As I know it
Shall not break the connection
Far beyond what is on earth
Beyond the last formal breath
Beyond the final Resurrection;

© 2012 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved