Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Blades of Grass"

Blades of grass that seem to cut
Not gentle like one would expect
Before droplets of blood fall
Sweat runs from my brow
Earnestly I lick my salty lips
Anticipation awaits curiously
As daffodils surround me
Bowing down and staring in reluctance
While I lay about in the morning dew
Pondering the silence
It is the calm before the storm
As blood flows from my wound
Upon the ground it falls generously

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Friday, December 28, 2007

"Upon the Shores"

As though it were a fallen star
Upon such shores it rests
What places it has traveled to
Beyond the waves and crests
The beckoning of the tides
In an ocean vast as the sky
Reflections in likeness to rainbows
Oblivious to gulls that cry
A world where there is no song
Yet the vibrations of the whale drone
Lulling of waves crashing on shores
The sandbar seems to moan
Only the lighthouse seems to listen
In the shadows it silently stands
Looking down upon the fallen stars
That have come from distant lands

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Underworld Diety"

He sits upon a cold throne
Birth came from discarded placentas
Placed upon the heap
His bloody evil mind lives
Behind eyes of terror
Torn flesh of his victims
Digesting within his belly
In the cold place where he dwells
The hearts of many who wandered
Innocence is no excuse
At the end of their journey
They remain within the clutches
Nimble fingers grasping for me
In the chilled air
Towards warm flesh that is fresh
Seeking to devour me in his hunger
Confirming that all my thoughts
Within my youth were correct
Vexation is upon the world
In many forms it thrives
Concealing itself behind the veil
Lurking always lurking
Patiently waiting for me to stumble

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Saturday, November 3, 2007

"Cesspool Upon the Earth"

Beyond the haunted mesas
In the valleys below
New York City was vaporized
Its radiation persists
As would a plague upon the earth
Those who remained with raised hands
Making inquiry to the heavens
Worms with gourds placed over them
In finality until expiration
Their corpses remain unburied
Rotting in decay upon the earth
No effect can be too great upon me
I am the lady of masks who rides upon
The wings of my invention
Neatly placing mementos into my nest
In the distance a whirlpool continues
A sinkhole that sucks away at the decay
Placing it into the bowels of the earth
The mantis and the butterfly remain
Pollination will replenish in the blooming
In the new days ahead which have begun

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Friday, November 2, 2007

"Fleeing Lithuania"

Creeping rotting vegetation
Wraps itself around the throat
Of local places which once thrived
Strangulation everywhere
Furiously I whip my rabbit
Into submission he sinks
Falling beneath my rage
When the Czar's army came to Kovno
They peered onwards looking
When you placed pipes into their mouths
Forcing water downwards
Until it made them explode
Women and children fled into the river
Drowning themselves out of sacrifice
They said nothing in the shadow of Stalin
You could easily slumber next to me
Not knowing that I have piercing arrows
Under my quilt to thrust into your heart
If not for my grandfather
It would be so but instead:
You are left to the hunger of ravenous wolves

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"House without Curtains"

There are no windows in my room
Seclusion from the daylight
In the countryside
My blue house stands
Without gutters to funnel the rain
The tree on the hill painted
In stealth of night
Blue leaves shimmering
Under the stars
Will they adore eachother
In the light of day
I have no way of knowing
With no windows to look out from my room

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Thursday, November 1, 2007

"City of Refuge"

The objects of her lust vary
She uses her squeeze box
Holding her prey close
Upon release they wander aimlessly
Seeking out refuge and celibacy
All desire has been taken from them
Until there is no more to take
Introverts are mentally drained
Extroverts are zapped for their energy
In all that might remain
Strangulation and reticulation
Like wild loose vegetation
It wraps itself around the ankles
Squeezing unto bulging eyes
Sexual death is within her merciless thighs
There is no conversation
In the meat factory where sides of beef
Hanging on hooks awaiting butchery
So that they might be consumed
Ichabod Crane sees the headless horseman
Welcoming him with open arms
Rather than to face the relentless pursuit
Of the squeeze box woman
In a world where
There are not enough doors
That lead to quiet rooms

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Tears of Blood"

My innocence has been stained
With Crimson tears
Within myself I conceal
Those inner most fears
When blood hath flowed
From other places
Enduring screams
Utter disgrace
Within myself I must conceal
Pretending not to feel
Numb to all such pain
My tears fall like acidic rain
Such wounds that run deep
Looking into my eyes
You cannot see
Beyond my disguise
This sanguine flow
Which stains my thighs
A thousand deaths I have died
No one came to save me
Each time I cried

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Hard pressed up against the window
Spirited from place to place
At the mercy of people who use me
As though I were a chess piece
My heart is in pain
While my parents battle on
Division in the ranks of variance
Pulled upon like taffy
Cooling waters to quell the heat afar
Until then there is no place of my own
What is love-but a fleeting thing
What I have known of it is dashed
Upon hardened rock that juts upwards
As if reaching for something
Yet I know it is not meant for me
The warm heart that will touch me
Awaits somewhere out in the abyss
Although its presence is felt
It is not yet seen
Rather something accepted on faith
That a day will come when my tears shall fail
My heart will be filled with the warmth of joy
My place will be assured for me
Only then will I be truly loved
Able to breathe once again

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Night Visitor"

When all is quiet and nothing stirs
A visitor comes to see
The cream skinned girl who slumbers
Upon the featherbed
It is not her skin so fair
Neither is it her silver hair
He is the guardian of the night
Who watches through the candle light
Under the guise of the glowing moon
Until the sun rises once again
She is an angel that he adores
Watching over forever more

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Distant Voyage"

Sailing towards the end of the world
Magnificently reflecting towards eternity
A voyage not always smooth
Against rough hewn shores
I have adored certain parts
A journey beyond my wildest dreams
Beneath countless stars and many moons
Chapters that seemed endless in time
The wind hath filled my sails full
In the rocking of the bough
Sleeping away in the palm of my hand
Are the precious moments in my life

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Monday, October 29, 2007


My tomatoes accompany me
To the induction center
I pass all my tests and the physical exam
The staff seargant invokes his wrath
Upon my tomatoes
Threatening to exile them
He is politely informed
My tomato bitches go with me
Lest you molest my family
There are not many choices of what must be done
He remembers watching Full Metal Jacket
My tomatoes are with me while in the Infirmary
They are with me on the bus ride home
Upon the windowsill in my room they sit
My old job at the factory awaits me
My own father will not say anything
Against my tomatoes
My dachsund sits upon the bed with me
Staring at my bitches who sit in the sun
Upon the windowsill

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Magical Woman"

The clothesline pole bends in the wind
As her flower print apron dissapears
Soon will go her pinstriped dress
Upon the hill of tears
She is the good woman who toils
Moving upon the wind to inspire
Visiting other weather worn women
Who stubbornly refuse to tire
Her hands of steel from endless work
Stern may be her face
Inside there is a heart of gold
That always keeps its place
Not far behind is her faithful cat
It follows her throughout all time
It is the cat that follows the good woman
As she continues her climb
To the tops of many hills of tears
Where she dries the children's eyes
Before she moves upon the wind
Inspiring others to rise

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Today my dad helped me
We made a castle of sand
My sister said it was fit for a unicorn
That came from a magical land
Where dragons breathe their fire
In gardens children play
Gumdrops grow on bushes
In pots made out of clay
In the evening we watched the waves
Slowly went the sun
Another castle dissapears
Another dream is done

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Gatherings in the Storm"

Great lightnings which once clambered
From rooftop to rooftop
Now gather in the ocean within
The motion-upon such waves
Under the gaze of Orion
Even unto Pleiades
The seven daughters of Atlas
Peer upon the waters
In the twinklings of other stars
Which pull upon me
As stringed instruments
Of a lyre which plays
Like reins attached to my heart
Gently tugging at me with their power
Andromeda which once remained a mystery
No longer evades me
Upon the lulling of the ocean
In the midst of stinging salt
My nostrils are filled with its odours
I have known love
Such as in this great gathering
Not only upon the oceans
Also unto the island beyond
Which conceals my heart
It knows me as I lay upon the beach
With a shell upon my ear
Closely listening to the waves
Far away the inner sounds carry me
Unto places I would not go myself
Places where angels might fear to tread
It surrounds me within
The mighty gathering
Yet I know I am safe
For I am like the hart that desires
As it sits by the side of the brook
It listens intently to the babbling
Far away it carries the hart
Until it has reached the island
In the gathering upon the sea

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Concealed Within"

Gathering fingers of the cacti
Envelop within their palm
Delicate desert flower
Within itself there is much power
Yet like the lotus upon the water
Shifting petals filled with dew
It stands in poise with life anew
Its very pristine innocence conceals
That which thrives inside
The still small beating heart
That nobody hears
Concealed quietly from outer fears
Lest someone should notice
The dried up tears
My desert flower in solitude
In pure white sands upon the mesa
I am the tumbleweed that rolls by
Briefly capturing the flowers eye

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Friday, October 26, 2007


Grey shafts of light in the tunnel of terror
Screeching wheels on the rails
Emitting sparks along the way
Above are the naked skyscrapers
Giant fingers reaching upward
Muddy coloured clouds adorn
The city without pity
Feet pounding the pavenment
Mercilessly by the forlorn
Crushed abdomens of innocent ants
Yet there is no weeping
Except the machines who notice
Oil are the tears of the machines
They weep in the vortex of delerium

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Pelican Sunset"

Fearless divebombers of the ocean
Marked targets in the water below
Buoyant pirates who have no fear
Their inner beauty surpasses grace in flight
Hearts are worn openly
Upon such waves ridden freely
Pelican kings and queens
Waddling in courtly fashion
Until gentle winds carry them
To places where others dream to be
Gulls attempt to follow
A rising sun which does not trust
Revelations are in their silence
Actions speak loudly
Thriving in the foam of the brine

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"View from Aloft"

The flower dream spiral
Within fractal heavens
Fading membranes separate
Floating sphericals on their way
Where light and darkness
Exist under different circumstances
Than myths created by men

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Revelations in the Park"

Life parades by my bench
Children play on swings
Down in Central Park
Feeding crumbs of bread to pigeons
Grumblings in my stomach
An observation of leaves upon
The withered branches
Straining to see beyond
With the brain that inhabits my skull
For moments it appears surreal
Spinning whirlwinds of dust
Sirens in the background whine
Mist blown from the fountain by the wind
Upon my face carried by the breeze
It is inevitable that in the crux of thought
Such things would occur
Twisting its way downward into my soul
Likened unto a hammer that pounds away
At bone and marrow
Until only dust remains
It is then that I am reminded;
All things return from where they came

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Tunnels of Terror"

Roarings in the hollow tunnel
Wheels screeching
Wildly beseeching
Sparks emitting
Glowing flames hidden
Behind sunken eyes
Who travel through the tunnel
To many destinations
In the city of rhuminations that thrives upon
Despairs of others
For the cost of fare
Sit many mothers in despair
Who do not care
Except for the monthly check that comes
In the mail for survival's sake
Slowly winds the subway train
Always screeching,always winding
Through the city
It is the hunger that drives them
The unrelenting viper slithers
Past platforms with gazing eyes upon it
In the tunnel like a giant funnel
Towards its destination-onwards it trudges
Forward to the monotiny of its pace
In the never ending race towards
Only death can save them from a fate
Impatient people in crowds silently wait
Stamping their feet upon the pavements
In demand with their ever searching hands
For the glimpses of light at the end of the tunnels
There is no time to wipe off the grime
They have known love from what they read in books
Their Ipod conceals what they fear to reveal
Looking down upon the floor at the many feet
In the hollow tunnel where wheels screech
Above is the city-survival of the fittest
Unlike the rodent population in the copulation
Of the metro subway tunnels that funnel
Those who travel unaware who do not care
Awaiting them in the light are the skyscrapers
Nostrils filling with the vapors
Skyscrapers like giant fingers reaching towards
Rusty clouds like shrouds that leap
Towards shadows in the street that will not keep
The televisions emit their light
Radios blare on in the existence created for them
Above while below
Roarings in the hollow tunnel continue onwards
The viper refuses to slumber
Due to the number who continue to venture
On metro subways that rise up into the streets

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Monday, October 22, 2007

"In the Nature of Things"

John Lee Hooker music plays in the background
My eyes stare out into blank spaces
The gaze is upon unseen stars cloaked
Under the sun of all suns
At times double vision distorts
Voices permeate the air
In the conglomeration upon my porch
Wild animals approach within thirty feet
Unaware of the fears I have known
Gently foraging on the grass
They are saved by grace
In the evercoming winds
Close by a discarded cooler
Rememberance of voices
As we quenched our thirsts
Spirits of laughter fade in and out
Upon my porch I see
Thickened white hairs of my beard
Bruise my face
The old man grimaces and shouts out silently
In the pain of happiness
A lump in my throat protrudes
As though my heart has been swallowed
Yet I have breathed out the death of my fears
Many times have I breathed
Walking the breadth of the fields of wheat
Music has always been sweet
Even with holes in the leather of my shoes
The jingle of coins in my pocket
As the mighty locomotive trudges onward
Belching smoke from its blackened stack
Faithful dogs await me
Upon my porch
Yet another day is done
Under this sun of all suns
Which dried my tears long ago
In places where no solace could be found
I am in the by and by as night approaches
Under the moon where stars are seen
Upon my porch I see

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Dream In the Distance"

I saw her from a distance
In Central Park;
Unbeknownst of my presence
Songbirds heard faintly
Butterflies hover about her in the
Fluttering beat of wings
Oblivious to such occurences
As though a natural thing
It is within the secret of her smile
In the fragrances mixed in the air
Perhaps it was meant to be
But a vision of this stranger
In the midst of an unrelenting city
Small glimpses of innocence
Shining brightly-chasing the darkness away
Imagination allows me such privelages
Were it to be my choice
Within a dream she is upon the windowsill
The cuff of her floral blouse caresses her hand
It is upon her shoulders
Within that gentle twinkling with her eyes
Such things unaware that I have seen
The vine that flows from the sill
Accepts the invitation from the sun
There is that familiar sound of the songbirds
Heard faintly in the distance
Butterflies that hover about
In the garden there is a bonsai tree
A small ceramic pagoda is also found
This is where I shall reside
Within the sounds of the songbirds
In the unrelenting city
Where even the skyscrapers look down upon her
With great reverence under the clouds
Knowing the glimpse of innocence is
Within their grasp
Quiet eyes who have seen from the distance
Within the realm of my dreams

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Infinitely Within"

Restless soul which resides
Within my inner being
The endless miles you have followed
Witness to the clattering upon
Decaying cobblestone streets
Avenues taken in haste
At first out of instinct
Followed for the sake of curiosity
Sitting upon strangers porch steps
Deep inside there is something amiss
The power of my inner being
Reckoning with its caress
Upon lips that prefer being held
To words upon lips unto my ear
In this solitude pondering
The many times you consoled me
As the night air brought forth tears
Venturing downward upon my cheek
You absorbed my shock into reality
Through life's joys and mishaps
Always with me before time
Ever after once the barrier has been crossed
Your presence shall be constant
Enduring the trials and tribulations
Greater psalms shall never be uttered
Than what have been imparted to us
Provocation on the strings of lyres
Shall bring no melody greater than ours
Even in the multitude of crowds
We stand alone
Acutely aware of our difference
In the creation we thrive
The roots which are deep
Brings forth the vine that grows
Slowly it creeps into the darkness
In the coolness of the shade
Only taking from the Sun its share
The morning dew shall quench
For in the creation we thrive

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Silent Hope"

Opinions kept in silence
Do not reach the ears of men
Nor do they become victims
To the sting of the tongue
My mouth serves as a den
Unto wolves who dwell within
Amongst my entwined branches
A beaten brow in survival
Elements of time in nature
Reveal such worn surfaces
Yet the marrow slumbers deeply
Within the safety of concealment
Words spoken only encourage
Xenophobia to flourish
Thriving in coexistence with dreams
Harmony fights against the variances
Yet it cannot force itself upon the wind
The beating of hearts flutter gently
Solid matter holds life's essence
Where the whims of thoughts
Unable to penetrate the barriers
Which separate and prevent
The crossing over of two edged swords
That would cut the bonds which hold
Eternal existence of all origins
Presiding upon the universe
Chaos reigns in the streets
Yet within the cries of the moanings
Voices can still be heard
Which speak with soft tongues
Revealing such truths for its own sake
Although such things often fall upon
Deaf ears of fallen men
My roots are deep into and upon
Earthen places that keep me
My thirst is replenished by the rains
There is still great hope for all humankind
Who walk upon this earth


© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Earthly Delight"

Once on a trip to the planet Earth
My taste for sushi was acquired
Inhabitants of that place were fairly ugly
Their ways were not much to be desired
While out collecting specimens of herbs
I study them for the collective
The study of plants is my field of expertise
In reaching my main objective
In the fibers of such growths
Many miracles abide
My life's work holds me steady
Keeping me alive inside
All relative to a days work
As I go from planet to planet
Gallactic procedures and its rules
Are steadfast and written in granite
I never deviate from the plan
Ever mindful of the universe
With care to leave things in pristine condition
In utmost priority of the obverse
The only gem upon that surface
When I am at ease in my home
My taste for shushi which I find delicous
That causes me not to roam
It is a delicacy I do not wish to share
Or to let its existence be discovered
So I consume it secretly keeping it for myself
All of the sushi I've recovered
On my journeys to the planet Earth

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Monday, July 30, 2007


Surrounded by walls of many colors
Myths are born each time
Contemplation within these walls
In the presence of dying vines
Stubbles replace ivy leaves
A crumbling wall that grieves
Of what is on the outer wall
Tears from there
That cannot bare
Attempting to enter this space
In my chair the days pass by
Under the guise of the purplish sky
Cries of people are muffled low
Vying for position within the masses
I hear their screams
Within my dreams
Amidst the dreams of yellow
That defy the vines withered
Whispers reach my ears
My tears have long deserted me
With closed eyes I listen
The voices are like my own
Reminding me from where I came

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Hidden Wrath"

I was never morose or cynical
Anger was kept well inside
Others gleaned from my bones
While I silently died
Kindness mistaken for weakness
Misread signals from shallow minds
Neither looking to either side
Fixed eyes onto a point straight ahead
Shadows try to defy
Within my peripheral vision
They attempt to invade
Mocking the possibilities
Enslaving anyone in their path
This is why I have this inner wrath
My exterior is incidental to those who see
Ingredients of lust within their eyes
Superficial smiles looking for a quick fix
They take to me on flight of wings
Screeching to a halt as they swoop
Upon prey intensified upon
In the search of their desires
Beyond or below-friend or foe
Disgregard for the rising of the sun
Indifference to the surroundings
Brings no mind for concern
Each day is lived on the edge
Tainted survival is all that is known
And from it such weeds have grown
Becoming parasitic to every growth
A humans heart is not mourned
Rather it only signifies an ending
To be discarded and scorned
Moving on-trudging forward
There are still many more to overcome
Grinding bones into the dust
It is the way that they must
In the force that drives them
Marching forward
Into the abyss that has been created
By those with superficial smiles

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Broken bonds into freedom
Flying into the abyss
Not knowing what is ahead
In the wake of a last kiss
As a child I come unto thee
With arms outstretched
Accepting all that is before me
Leaving the rest behind
Might I fall into those arms
Arms that catch me from the fall
Labouring under the assumption
Into safety that awaits
Dependability that cannot exist
In any other dimension
That which I leave behind
Shall not hinder what is ahead

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Ode to Blackwater Hattie"

Down in the swamps of Louisiana
Blackwater Hattie hides in the bog
Dabbling in magic with gators about
Concealed in the fog
Ice water runs through her veins
As I approach her she already knows
I bring her an offering of fresh tobacco
To mix with the herbs she grows
She gives me a look as she smokes her pipe
Out on the porch in her chair
She signals me to come forth
I look at her pure white hair
Quickly she looks me up and down
Her eyes look deeply into mine
Searching for the meaning of my visit
Looking for a tell tale sign
Nobody goes to Blackwater Hattie
Unless they have dire need
Some come to her for remedies
Others over personal greed
I jingle my coins and make my request
Explaining to her slowly and trying my best
I tell her of the love for my lady
I want a potion to bless our love
Blackwater Hattie lets out a laugh
It flushes out the flight of a dove
Of course she agrees and snatches my coins
Dissapearing into her shack
She quickly returns and hands me something
In what appears to be a small sack
Giving me instructions to wait til the moon
Is full in the sky at night
To open the sack and burn its contents
Giving me also words to recite
I thank her politely and begin to leave
But she asks me to stay for awhile
Wanting to know of the happenings in town
She cracks a gentle smile
Hattie reloads her pipe to the brim
With my offering of tobacco I had brought
Lighting it with a kitchen match
Then pausing as if in deep thought
She tells me a tale of a lovely maiden
Who once lived in the bog
She used to dance under the moonlight
Followed by her faithful dog
The town folk used to laugh at her
Many thought her to be insane
One day she dissapeared
Only tales of her would remain
Some say that the maiden was Hattie
She neither confirmed or denied
There was that twinkle in her eye as she talked
Something from down inside
She bid me goodbye until the next time
Slowly I began to depart
Never would I tell a soul in town
That Hattie had seen my true heart

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Under the canopy formed
Along the path I walk each day
Entangled together in unison
Under skies of grey
Brief openings where I see the sky
The flight of birds under clouds
Covering me from the glaring sun
Friends who entangle me within them
Like gentle shrouds
Every one has different form
Each has its own name
Many times they have inspired
Words which I proclaim
Debts owed unto them
In my many times of strife
When I have sat beneath them
In perspective of my life
There are no words spoken
Amongst these giants who defy time
Still I feel they speak to me
Their grandeur so sublime
Each leaf that falls upon the ground
Reminders to me
They are the children of the trees
Who make their silent plea
Another generation comes and goes
Seeds that have been sown
Another season comes and goes
Grateful in my heart to them
And all that they condone
I am the living voice of the trees;
That float along the breeze
Into the ears of all men
Who walk upon this earth

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Secret Places"

Mingled trees upon the earth
Ebbing within is life
They speak in many ways
If you have the time to listen
Upon their ancient trunks rest
Visons from their time
Quitely they lull and observe
Taking in the vibrations
Each moment that goes by
Within is the creation of the seed
That brings forth new life
In their most giving deed
It is the small sprout in likeness
The newborn child that comes from its roots
Trees cast down lovingly
Not only upon their own kind
To all that is in life and nature as well
Fallen trees are unsung heroes
Cast upon the ground
Their children mourn aloud
Yet no once hears in the frenzy of the crowd
Softly speaking are the voices
A great thing has happened upon this day
Wisdom has been passed on
Their children shall grow and continue on
Recalling into memory the fallen ones
Dedicating their existence to them
In wonder as to why man does not do the same
Where words are spoken
Actions are not taken
The meaning of the words falls in weakness
Strong branches of trees cannot hold them up
Boughs thrive for their own sake
Fleeing leaves in flower escape upon the winds
To places where no harm can come to them
Safe from words that are spoken that have no worth
They are upon those winds to secret places
To dwell within the earth


© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Saturday, July 21, 2007

"Injured Soldier"

I wait for my son to return from the front
At the gates of the railroad station
He is carried on the rails of my hope
The center of my own salvation
Why men clash on open earth
Behind it are the powers that may be
From the same waters that I've earned my keep
Unquestioning is the sea
Sleeping under the stars is no sacrifice
Too see the eyes of my son
Might I ease the pain of his wounds
Until the mending is done
The house he was born in waits for him
The bed in his room shall
Once again cradle my boy
The eyes of his mother filled with tears
But they shall be tears of joy
Sweet wine shall be upon our lips
Laughter shall fill the air
Soon this will be a forgotten thing
In answer to my inner most prayer
Hope for peace is never lost
Or in the things I adore
Soon my son will be with me
Then my heart will soar

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Friday, July 20, 2007

"Bone Yard Blues"

Looking back retrospectively
Sitting on these rails
Retired in serious outdated attire
Many things have been heard
From voices upon my seats
One man sits by himself in the corner
His shoes tell the story of his life
A weathered face of deep lines
Caused by the presence of strife
The beggars who cross my floors
Many times in one day
Some do it to support their habit
Others have no other way
Blank stares into open spaces
In the hustle and bustle of the city
Impatient feet await
In a place where there is no pity
Grinding of my wheels
Shrill high pitches
Each curve emits sparks
Along the way
Strangers refusing to acknowledge eachother
Minds that have gone astray
Grinding of the mind
Shrill high pitches
Each curve brings with it sparks
Passing by cemeteries
Children playing in parks
Sirens abound to break the silence of sound
Howling dogs pierce the air
In rebellion they object to the invasion
Of the space within their lair
Vacillation within the vicissitude
The vortex created is paralytic
Woes go up quickly dissipating
Effectuality in the erosion acidic

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Western Sunrise"

Cactus stand together in silence
Windswept landscape of desert terrain
The plight of the tumbleweed across the plains
Roadrunners in the early dawn
Covering ground where Buffalo once grazed
Under the guise of smoke signals sent from mountaintops
That wafted amidst the earthen clay
Western skies abound
To the silence within the sound
Amongst the souls that stir
Upon those mesas
Where once lived the Red Man
Of many tribes they were
In those places entrusted
Signs carved upon wanton rock
Under the blazing unforgiving sun
Peace within the presence of ancient stone
Reptilian inhabitants who live in harmony
This starved place of beauty
Where antelope once thrived
The cactus fondly remember
Fragrant floral odors adrift
As they observe the tumbleweed
In its journey to places over the horizon
Knowing that all things must return
From whence they came

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Ode to the Oryctolagus cuniculus"

When I close my eyes
The grey Leporidae
Floats in the clouds
Under the moon
Wherever I go it follows me
To the hill where my white horse roams
Cool water taken from silent wells
My horse quenches his thirst
He too notices the Leporidae
Floating in the sky above
It has followed him at times
Over the mounds trailed by hounds
Who attempt to persue
That evasive hare who remains at large
Out of the reach of the relentless ones
For he only shadows those he wishes
Entering into their dreams
When he wants to be found
By the side of the brook
His heartbeat can be heard
In the bullrushes and willows
Moonbeams gleam off the water in the brook
His reflection along with the moon
He floats gently back into the clouds
Following,always following
Like my shadow he follows
He is blanketed under the stars
Choosing when he wants to appear
As he fades into the sky
My white horse returns to his place
Where cool waters are taken from wells

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Thursday, July 19, 2007

"The day Clark Gable died"

When I was a boy of only eight
Not knowing the meaning
Of the word 'segregate'
My father decided to take me with him
On a plane where he promised
A 3-D movie and a fishing voyage on a boat
Little did I think of lessons to be learned
In the unfolding of this anecdote
I tag this memory to the newspaper headlines
The day that Clark Gable died
My father explained this man was
Until I was satisfied
There was a lay over in the city of Atlanta
I watched the planes go by in the air
Listening to announcements
Watching people go by quickly
As a boy I became slowly aware
When asking my father if I could go to the bathroom
He instructed me to return
Little did I know what would be ahead
Or of what I was about to learn
As I approached the door I was stopped
By an old grey haired black man coming out
He discouraged my entrance through that door
Then I began to question why with a pout
My father seeing the situation
Quickly came to my side
Questioning the man about the problem
With tears in his eyes he replied
He doesn't know the difference
Pointing to the sign on the door
It read "Colored Men" with letters wide
My father directed me to the other place
Where I was supposed to be
After returning to his side
I could clearly see
My father was trying to console the man
Assuring him that someday he would be free
This man wore a white shirt with suspenders
I wish I had learned his name
I remember looking up at him in his pain
Tears in his eyes in his withered tired frame
My father parted with sadness
The man continued to cry
My father explained about dignity
As I watched the planes in the sky
Reminding me to remember the color of his skin
Made no difference-he was just a man
That he still had a heart within
We continued our trip to Miami
But I thought of the man and his tears
I still think of him to this very day
After almost fifty years
We went on the boat
I got seasick
We went to the 3-D movie
I caught a cold
From the newfangled air conditioning
That had just been invented
The 3-D glasses gave me a headache
We left the movie before it had finished
I left Miami totally dissapointed
Then after many years I realized
The purpose of the trip to Miami
Was that image burned into my mind
Of the man in Atlanta who was crying
Thereby I was able to find
The true course of my heart
I will never forget the lesson taught
Human dignity belongs to everyone
It is something that needs not to be bought
From the lowest creature
To the tallest human
In those famous words
Let freedom ring
It is the melody I learned as a boy
Of eight years old
The song I continue to sing

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Within Myself"

My body is my shell
This is the child
Who lives within the shell
Devoid of any emotions
Surviving in my own hell
Dependent on others
Like a store bought doll
My eyes only open on command
My heart stolen in the tender years
Buried deep in the sand
Muffled sounds of the ocean
Seashells move over my grave
Perhaps I will be discovered some day
In the breaking of the ocean wave
Longing to hear the voice of the gulls
The crashing of waves
Salt water foam upon the shores
The shining sun that saves
Sweet warmth will shower me
It will heal my tender heart
Though there be scars that will always remain
My soul will never depart
I will once again be free to grow
To catch my dreams upon the flow
My life will be back in my own hands
Where I will endeavor to see distant lands

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"I cry for you"

This is the voice that will never be heard
In flights way are those fleeting feet
I shall never hear them upon the floor
It is a face that I will never adore
It is held in a palm of the hand
Of what it is and never was
The quenching of a spark
In the flicker before the flame
A sight seen but never meant to be
I have many tears for you
On this day and many days after
When I look up at the sun
It will be dull to me
The moon will never shine
Of all the many stars that sparkle
None will ever gain my notice
Muddy colored clouds are upon me forever
It is a loss that will never be gained
I throw myself upon the ground
Sending woes up to the deafness of the sky
Deprivation of your presence
Causes me to choke on my own salivas
The deep wound upon my own heart vexes me so
I long to hear the hearbeat that was meant to be
Raising my hands up high in my cries
I mourn the loss placed upon me
In your life that shall never be

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Unheard Cries"

With factory precision
The kiln glowed
Smoke billowed from the stacks
Down below fires raged
Being fed by human slaves
Engaging in the act
Involuntary servitude demanded
Lest they become victims
To the unforgiving ovens
There they watched a race destroyed
Despising their captors
In the space of a dark void
Hearing the feet on their way to the chambers
The chambers of death
Where their cries went unheard
Upon many deaf ears
Soon they would become silent
In the ending of their fears
In the chambers of death
The last final gasping breath
Before their bones were baked
In the ovens
Their ashes spread
Mingled together forever
In a place where only evil remains
Eventually returning to the earth
In death defying blessed rains
Scattered they may be
Remembered so that they remain free
In their sacrifice and pain
Blessed be the death defying rain

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Birth of my Sister"

When my sister was born
I used to watch her
Sleeping alone in her crib
The mobile danced about in the sunlight
Packed away in the attic
I still have her baby bib
It has a yellow chicken embroidered
That runs towards a house and the sun
I've often wondered why I have kept it
Since her life had begun
My mother let me feel her kicking
Deep in her belly she stirred
It was an emotional shock to me
I imagined her as the Thunderbird
To know that a life was thriving inside
Many nights I laid awake in thought
A work had been done to bring this forth
A miracle that had been wrought
In the later times I looked at her feet
Remembering the way she had kicked
To the effect it had worked something in me
My heart had been slightly pricked
Thereafter was this odd connection
The memory of something that came
From the belly of my long gone mother
The connection to which I must claim

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We exchange our thoughts
Strange noises enter
We feel safe though
In this warmth we slumber in
Movement seems suspended
We are floating by ourselves
Yet we seem to be together
There is another connection
Of some sort
Although we know not the source
There are colors
Muffled sounds from beyond
Sometimes strange melodies
Different emotional tones
Something passing over us at times
We use our limbs against it
In resistance
Somehow it just seems to be
The only thing we can do
There is another I feel who is myself
That is why I refer to myself as 'We'
Much of our thoughts seem to be the same
Yet there are visions that we share
Some of which are not my own
This place I am in
Seems natural but I wonder
There never seems to be any change
Nothing is much different
I remember seeing a small bright thing
Is that where I came from
Or is it where I am going
I'm going back into my darkness
Maybe there will be more to come

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Dog in the rain
Are you in pain
Come in out of the cold
Rest yourself upon my floor
With all your stories untold
I will dry you off
Here is water and food
Lay by the fireplace and keep warm
Then you will change your mood
Maybe you'll stay if you like it here
I won't chase you away
I've got an old cat who sleeps all day
The two of my might get along well
But for now rest and sleep for awhile
It's still too early to tell
Old black dog who is no longer in the rain
You are not in pain
You're out of the cold now, well fed and warm
Outside it is cold in the winter storm
Rest now old black dog
You are safe within these walls

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Monday, July 16, 2007

"The pond of seduction"

The drawing voice of the small water pond
Causes me to come near
If I listen closely it whispers to me
Relinquishing all my fear
Daffodils that grow by the edge
Seem to know my concern
Gently they lean towards me
Immedeately to my own discern
My reflection appears in the water
Yet there is another much deeper
Is this an appearance of my spirit guide
Who is the silent gatekeeper
Hopefully I wait to see what is revealed
That ghostly image which remains concealed

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Childhood Dreams"

In my dream was the Grasshopper Queen
She seemed to read my thoughts
I learned their ways looking through those eyes
And spoke their language well
How it felt to leap through grass
They too had their own beliefs
Introducing me to other species
That hid below the leaves
It was within the recurrence of my dreams
When the strange teachings took place
My mother and father looked on in disbelief
When I told them of these things
Exclaiming I had an active imagination
With concerned looks upon their faces
Thereafter I refrained
My recurrences still continued
From whence I was further trained
It came to be in the humming of the tree
In the flickering light of the sky
Between leaves that touched me gently
Hearing their lowly cry
Realization of all creation
Of the many things that exist
Almost as if a great libation
A belief I could not resist
When my toys stopped talking to me
Those dreams seemed to go as well
Slowly the memories seemed to fade
Until I had forgotten them as far as I could tell
The images became faint
In my third year of college once again came
The vision of the grasshopper queen
She had not changed after all that time
She was there to tell me what had not been told
The remainder of what needed to be said
This was to be her last appearance
For she told me she would soon be dead
Yet she had waited all those years
Until the time had come
What was imparted before she departed
Was the rest of the total sum
Emerging from that slumber my thoughts
Life will never be the same
It would be impossible to look at things
Knowing full well the acclaim
That all life is precious regardless
Though we always assume
Considering the things that nature brings
From the universal womb

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


In the darkness I consider the universe
Upon this trestleboard
What finger reached out to ignite
That spark of life's beginning
Cultures of trees that grow
Tulips that lean towards the sun
How many cries from those born
From when this first begun
Who determined the heterodox
By which we chose our fate
Imbibed with souls like newborn foals
Both small as well as great
Within the many paradoxes
From creation in it's youth
Contained knowledge in frontal lobes
Surpassing all other truth
In the expiration of everything
Still the energy remains
Nothing created escapes existence
For we are in likeness to sand grains
Upon beaches;
In the flow of the universe
Creation is forever

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"The Final Day"

Armageddon they said was upon us
Each day swiftly crept by
Nobody took heed to the warnings given
Not even a reluctant sigh
Thundering of the feet continued in the street
As pollution overcame
Stale air in the skies
Bacteria ladened waters
Syringes still in the sand
Dropping from the hand
That caused them to remain perpendicular
The need to feed being more immense
Than the ability to survive
Poppy fields still thrive
On this ledge I see the conglomeration
In the traffic thickly below
Thinking they will escape
Into what?
They do not see the terror in the sky
It will send them into obliteration
Falling short of any notion or goal
All will burn slowly like embers of coal
Including I as we all must die
For the sake of a few who hide
Deep in the mountains
Gluttons who thrive on careful rations
Endless movies at the taxpayers expense
Yet they will see no sun through tinted windows
For the blanket of smoke is dense
My unrealized youth is before me
Although I shall never see manhood
The role models of the day seemed even lesser than I
Alone upon this ledge there is peace of mind
Reluctance to depart shall soon come to pass
The terror in the sky draws me closer to the end
Unto a place which I must ascend

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Endless Days"

This is how we spend our days
With falling leaves of rusted colours
Under the muddy white clouds
Near the sounds of falling water
Surely there is no need to expire
With plenty of clover to fill our need
Quiet days upon the grass
Yet there is an ache in my bones
I do not get up as quickly as before
My appetite is not as great
The inclination to rest is always with me
So I take long naps by the waterfall
Sleeping to the sound of rushing water
Off in the distance are the mountains
As evening comes upon us
We sit there by the waters edges
For some reason the motion
Seems to bring me peace
Soon we will slumber for the night
Only to awaken to yet another day
Under the muddy white clouds

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


As this child within me thrives
All that is left of what survived
The wound was mortal
The damage was grave
In cleansing waters
That will not cleanse
My heart was ripped but not my soul
Somehow the sun seems to shine
Yet it's brilliance seems dull
When I look up into the clouds
Or at the stars when night falls
I seem to forget what it is that pains me
Pink has always been my favorite color
Finding a pink bunny for my comfort
I know-is out of the question
Still my imagination seems to keep me occupied
It is only during the quiet times
When traveling to my secret place
In the place where safety resides
Then again those quiet times
When the wind is silent and the sky is strange
Those hauntings come out of the past
The ones-you know,that seem to strangle you
The relentless pounding of those words
I did not think of the manipulations
My only hope was to somehow survive
I am not a victim-I am a survivor
The hauntings shall remain under my feet
The secret place comforts me
My ripped heart has scars,but it shall mend

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Heartfelt Music"

The real music comes after hours
The ones that hide in my heart
I play the notes for the people who listen
Yet there is music that will not impart
It stays safely hidden in my bosom
The kind that are made with hard tears
As I laid upon my pillow on nights
With no comfort for all of my fears
Songs without words filled my head
Expressions that go beyond all my cries
It comes from that part of my soul
Deep inside where no other will abide
The music that makes a man whole
Perhaps one day when it seems okay
The crowds will hear the beat
The music will flow and float out gently
Onto the quiet street
Candlelight flames from oil lamps will flicker
In the distance are the fire flies
Onward the melodies press on in time
To a place where I realize
That I have been searching for all my life
The spark in the flickering flame
To feel the beat that flows in the street
Where anybody may claim
Joy that is given freely unto the heart
For this is all I will have to impart

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved