Friday, November 19, 2010



He dreams of flying
High in the sky
Soaring in clouds
Asking himself why
Does the horizon seem
To never end
The sun seems aloof
As boughs of trees
Which seem to bend
His heart is upon the wind
On warm days amongst
Other fellows
Whose feathers seem
To kiss the wind

© 2010 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved
(Dedicated & Inspired by Edgar the Hybrid Raven)
You may visit him at:http://www.facebook.com/edgarhybridraven

"Consumptive Invasion"

Within the world
Long forgotten words
In the expanse of all that has happened
It's significance of greatness
Overwhelmed me until
I could contain myself no longer
It then reduced me to tears
Then in all my fears that I might forget
The words appeared
Then faded quickly
Beyond redemption of my grasp
What was left were all the memories
Their intricate inter twining
Until I realized
I could not live without
For this was the true meaning of love
For me

© 2010 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved