Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We exchange our thoughts
Strange noises enter
We feel safe though
In this warmth we slumber in
Movement seems suspended
We are floating by ourselves
Yet we seem to be together
There is another connection
Of some sort
Although we know not the source
There are colors
Muffled sounds from beyond
Sometimes strange melodies
Different emotional tones
Something passing over us at times
We use our limbs against it
In resistance
Somehow it just seems to be
The only thing we can do
There is another I feel who is myself
That is why I refer to myself as 'We'
Much of our thoughts seem to be the same
Yet there are visions that we share
Some of which are not my own
This place I am in
Seems natural but I wonder
There never seems to be any change
Nothing is much different
I remember seeing a small bright thing
Is that where I came from
Or is it where I am going
I'm going back into my darkness
Maybe there will be more to come

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Dog in the rain
Are you in pain
Come in out of the cold
Rest yourself upon my floor
With all your stories untold
I will dry you off
Here is water and food
Lay by the fireplace and keep warm
Then you will change your mood
Maybe you'll stay if you like it here
I won't chase you away
I've got an old cat who sleeps all day
The two of my might get along well
But for now rest and sleep for awhile
It's still too early to tell
Old black dog who is no longer in the rain
You are not in pain
You're out of the cold now, well fed and warm
Outside it is cold in the winter storm
Rest now old black dog
You are safe within these walls

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved