Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Dream In the Distance"

I saw her from a distance
In Central Park;
Unbeknownst of my presence
Songbirds heard faintly
Butterflies hover about her in the
Fluttering beat of wings
Oblivious to such occurences
As though a natural thing
It is within the secret of her smile
In the fragrances mixed in the air
Perhaps it was meant to be
But a vision of this stranger
In the midst of an unrelenting city
Small glimpses of innocence
Shining brightly-chasing the darkness away
Imagination allows me such privelages
Were it to be my choice
Within a dream she is upon the windowsill
The cuff of her floral blouse caresses her hand
It is upon her shoulders
Within that gentle twinkling with her eyes
Such things unaware that I have seen
The vine that flows from the sill
Accepts the invitation from the sun
There is that familiar sound of the songbirds
Heard faintly in the distance
Butterflies that hover about
In the garden there is a bonsai tree
A small ceramic pagoda is also found
This is where I shall reside
Within the sounds of the songbirds
In the unrelenting city
Where even the skyscrapers look down upon her
With great reverence under the clouds
Knowing the glimpse of innocence is
Within their grasp
Quiet eyes who have seen from the distance
Within the realm of my dreams

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved