Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Hidden Wrath"

I was never morose or cynical
Anger was kept well inside
Others gleaned from my bones
While I silently died
Kindness mistaken for weakness
Misread signals from shallow minds
Neither looking to either side
Fixed eyes onto a point straight ahead
Shadows try to defy
Within my peripheral vision
They attempt to invade
Mocking the possibilities
Enslaving anyone in their path
This is why I have this inner wrath
My exterior is incidental to those who see
Ingredients of lust within their eyes
Superficial smiles looking for a quick fix
They take to me on flight of wings
Screeching to a halt as they swoop
Upon prey intensified upon
In the search of their desires
Beyond or below-friend or foe
Disgregard for the rising of the sun
Indifference to the surroundings
Brings no mind for concern
Each day is lived on the edge
Tainted survival is all that is known
And from it such weeds have grown
Becoming parasitic to every growth
A humans heart is not mourned
Rather it only signifies an ending
To be discarded and scorned
Moving on-trudging forward
There are still many more to overcome
Grinding bones into the dust
It is the way that they must
In the force that drives them
Marching forward
Into the abyss that has been created
By those with superficial smiles

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Broken bonds into freedom
Flying into the abyss
Not knowing what is ahead
In the wake of a last kiss
As a child I come unto thee
With arms outstretched
Accepting all that is before me
Leaving the rest behind
Might I fall into those arms
Arms that catch me from the fall
Labouring under the assumption
Into safety that awaits
Dependability that cannot exist
In any other dimension
That which I leave behind
Shall not hinder what is ahead

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved