Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Tears of Blood"

My innocence has been stained
With Crimson tears
Within myself I conceal
Those inner most fears
When blood hath flowed
From other places
Enduring screams
Utter disgrace
Within myself I must conceal
Pretending not to feel
Numb to all such pain
My tears fall like acidic rain
Such wounds that run deep
Looking into my eyes
You cannot see
Beyond my disguise
This sanguine flow
Which stains my thighs
A thousand deaths I have died
No one came to save me
Each time I cried

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Hard pressed up against the window
Spirited from place to place
At the mercy of people who use me
As though I were a chess piece
My heart is in pain
While my parents battle on
Division in the ranks of variance
Pulled upon like taffy
Cooling waters to quell the heat afar
Until then there is no place of my own
What is love-but a fleeting thing
What I have known of it is dashed
Upon hardened rock that juts upwards
As if reaching for something
Yet I know it is not meant for me
The warm heart that will touch me
Awaits somewhere out in the abyss
Although its presence is felt
It is not yet seen
Rather something accepted on faith
That a day will come when my tears shall fail
My heart will be filled with the warmth of joy
My place will be assured for me
Only then will I be truly loved
Able to breathe once again

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Night Visitor"

When all is quiet and nothing stirs
A visitor comes to see
The cream skinned girl who slumbers
Upon the featherbed
It is not her skin so fair
Neither is it her silver hair
He is the guardian of the night
Who watches through the candle light
Under the guise of the glowing moon
Until the sun rises once again
She is an angel that he adores
Watching over forever more

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Distant Voyage"

Sailing towards the end of the world
Magnificently reflecting towards eternity
A voyage not always smooth
Against rough hewn shores
I have adored certain parts
A journey beyond my wildest dreams
Beneath countless stars and many moons
Chapters that seemed endless in time
The wind hath filled my sails full
In the rocking of the bough
Sleeping away in the palm of my hand
Are the precious moments in my life

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Monday, October 29, 2007


My tomatoes accompany me
To the induction center
I pass all my tests and the physical exam
The staff seargant invokes his wrath
Upon my tomatoes
Threatening to exile them
He is politely informed
My tomato bitches go with me
Lest you molest my family
There are not many choices of what must be done
He remembers watching Full Metal Jacket
My tomatoes are with me while in the Infirmary
They are with me on the bus ride home
Upon the windowsill in my room they sit
My old job at the factory awaits me
My own father will not say anything
Against my tomatoes
My dachsund sits upon the bed with me
Staring at my bitches who sit in the sun
Upon the windowsill

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Magical Woman"

The clothesline pole bends in the wind
As her flower print apron dissapears
Soon will go her pinstriped dress
Upon the hill of tears
She is the good woman who toils
Moving upon the wind to inspire
Visiting other weather worn women
Who stubbornly refuse to tire
Her hands of steel from endless work
Stern may be her face
Inside there is a heart of gold
That always keeps its place
Not far behind is her faithful cat
It follows her throughout all time
It is the cat that follows the good woman
As she continues her climb
To the tops of many hills of tears
Where she dries the children's eyes
Before she moves upon the wind
Inspiring others to rise

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Today my dad helped me
We made a castle of sand
My sister said it was fit for a unicorn
That came from a magical land
Where dragons breathe their fire
In gardens children play
Gumdrops grow on bushes
In pots made out of clay
In the evening we watched the waves
Slowly went the sun
Another castle dissapears
Another dream is done

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Gatherings in the Storm"

Great lightnings which once clambered
From rooftop to rooftop
Now gather in the ocean within
The motion-upon such waves
Under the gaze of Orion
Even unto Pleiades
The seven daughters of Atlas
Peer upon the waters
In the twinklings of other stars
Which pull upon me
As stringed instruments
Of a lyre which plays
Like reins attached to my heart
Gently tugging at me with their power
Andromeda which once remained a mystery
No longer evades me
Upon the lulling of the ocean
In the midst of stinging salt
My nostrils are filled with its odours
I have known love
Such as in this great gathering
Not only upon the oceans
Also unto the island beyond
Which conceals my heart
It knows me as I lay upon the beach
With a shell upon my ear
Closely listening to the waves
Far away the inner sounds carry me
Unto places I would not go myself
Places where angels might fear to tread
It surrounds me within
The mighty gathering
Yet I know I am safe
For I am like the hart that desires
As it sits by the side of the brook
It listens intently to the babbling
Far away it carries the hart
Until it has reached the island
In the gathering upon the sea

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Concealed Within"

Gathering fingers of the cacti
Envelop within their palm
Delicate desert flower
Within itself there is much power
Yet like the lotus upon the water
Shifting petals filled with dew
It stands in poise with life anew
Its very pristine innocence conceals
That which thrives inside
The still small beating heart
That nobody hears
Concealed quietly from outer fears
Lest someone should notice
The dried up tears
My desert flower in solitude
In pure white sands upon the mesa
I am the tumbleweed that rolls by
Briefly capturing the flowers eye

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Friday, October 26, 2007


Grey shafts of light in the tunnel of terror
Screeching wheels on the rails
Emitting sparks along the way
Above are the naked skyscrapers
Giant fingers reaching upward
Muddy coloured clouds adorn
The city without pity
Feet pounding the pavenment
Mercilessly by the forlorn
Crushed abdomens of innocent ants
Yet there is no weeping
Except the machines who notice
Oil are the tears of the machines
They weep in the vortex of delerium

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Pelican Sunset"

Fearless divebombers of the ocean
Marked targets in the water below
Buoyant pirates who have no fear
Their inner beauty surpasses grace in flight
Hearts are worn openly
Upon such waves ridden freely
Pelican kings and queens
Waddling in courtly fashion
Until gentle winds carry them
To places where others dream to be
Gulls attempt to follow
A rising sun which does not trust
Revelations are in their silence
Actions speak loudly
Thriving in the foam of the brine

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"View from Aloft"

The flower dream spiral
Within fractal heavens
Fading membranes separate
Floating sphericals on their way
Where light and darkness
Exist under different circumstances
Than myths created by men

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Revelations in the Park"

Life parades by my bench
Children play on swings
Down in Central Park
Feeding crumbs of bread to pigeons
Grumblings in my stomach
An observation of leaves upon
The withered branches
Straining to see beyond
With the brain that inhabits my skull
For moments it appears surreal
Spinning whirlwinds of dust
Sirens in the background whine
Mist blown from the fountain by the wind
Upon my face carried by the breeze
It is inevitable that in the crux of thought
Such things would occur
Twisting its way downward into my soul
Likened unto a hammer that pounds away
At bone and marrow
Until only dust remains
It is then that I am reminded;
All things return from where they came

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Tunnels of Terror"

Roarings in the hollow tunnel
Wheels screeching
Wildly beseeching
Sparks emitting
Glowing flames hidden
Behind sunken eyes
Who travel through the tunnel
To many destinations
In the city of rhuminations that thrives upon
Despairs of others
For the cost of fare
Sit many mothers in despair
Who do not care
Except for the monthly check that comes
In the mail for survival's sake
Slowly winds the subway train
Always screeching,always winding
Through the city
It is the hunger that drives them
The unrelenting viper slithers
Past platforms with gazing eyes upon it
In the tunnel like a giant funnel
Towards its destination-onwards it trudges
Forward to the monotiny of its pace
In the never ending race towards
Only death can save them from a fate
Impatient people in crowds silently wait
Stamping their feet upon the pavements
In demand with their ever searching hands
For the glimpses of light at the end of the tunnels
There is no time to wipe off the grime
They have known love from what they read in books
Their Ipod conceals what they fear to reveal
Looking down upon the floor at the many feet
In the hollow tunnel where wheels screech
Above is the city-survival of the fittest
Unlike the rodent population in the copulation
Of the metro subway tunnels that funnel
Those who travel unaware who do not care
Awaiting them in the light are the skyscrapers
Nostrils filling with the vapors
Skyscrapers like giant fingers reaching towards
Rusty clouds like shrouds that leap
Towards shadows in the street that will not keep
The televisions emit their light
Radios blare on in the existence created for them
Above while below
Roarings in the hollow tunnel continue onwards
The viper refuses to slumber
Due to the number who continue to venture
On metro subways that rise up into the streets

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Monday, October 22, 2007

"In the Nature of Things"

John Lee Hooker music plays in the background
My eyes stare out into blank spaces
The gaze is upon unseen stars cloaked
Under the sun of all suns
At times double vision distorts
Voices permeate the air
In the conglomeration upon my porch
Wild animals approach within thirty feet
Unaware of the fears I have known
Gently foraging on the grass
They are saved by grace
In the evercoming winds
Close by a discarded cooler
Rememberance of voices
As we quenched our thirsts
Spirits of laughter fade in and out
Upon my porch I see
Thickened white hairs of my beard
Bruise my face
The old man grimaces and shouts out silently
In the pain of happiness
A lump in my throat protrudes
As though my heart has been swallowed
Yet I have breathed out the death of my fears
Many times have I breathed
Walking the breadth of the fields of wheat
Music has always been sweet
Even with holes in the leather of my shoes
The jingle of coins in my pocket
As the mighty locomotive trudges onward
Belching smoke from its blackened stack
Faithful dogs await me
Upon my porch
Yet another day is done
Under this sun of all suns
Which dried my tears long ago
In places where no solace could be found
I am in the by and by as night approaches
Under the moon where stars are seen
Upon my porch I see

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Dream In the Distance"

I saw her from a distance
In Central Park;
Unbeknownst of my presence
Songbirds heard faintly
Butterflies hover about her in the
Fluttering beat of wings
Oblivious to such occurences
As though a natural thing
It is within the secret of her smile
In the fragrances mixed in the air
Perhaps it was meant to be
But a vision of this stranger
In the midst of an unrelenting city
Small glimpses of innocence
Shining brightly-chasing the darkness away
Imagination allows me such privelages
Were it to be my choice
Within a dream she is upon the windowsill
The cuff of her floral blouse caresses her hand
It is upon her shoulders
Within that gentle twinkling with her eyes
Such things unaware that I have seen
The vine that flows from the sill
Accepts the invitation from the sun
There is that familiar sound of the songbirds
Heard faintly in the distance
Butterflies that hover about
In the garden there is a bonsai tree
A small ceramic pagoda is also found
This is where I shall reside
Within the sounds of the songbirds
In the unrelenting city
Where even the skyscrapers look down upon her
With great reverence under the clouds
Knowing the glimpse of innocence is
Within their grasp
Quiet eyes who have seen from the distance
Within the realm of my dreams

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Infinitely Within"

Restless soul which resides
Within my inner being
The endless miles you have followed
Witness to the clattering upon
Decaying cobblestone streets
Avenues taken in haste
At first out of instinct
Followed for the sake of curiosity
Sitting upon strangers porch steps
Deep inside there is something amiss
The power of my inner being
Reckoning with its caress
Upon lips that prefer being held
To words upon lips unto my ear
In this solitude pondering
The many times you consoled me
As the night air brought forth tears
Venturing downward upon my cheek
You absorbed my shock into reality
Through life's joys and mishaps
Always with me before time
Ever after once the barrier has been crossed
Your presence shall be constant
Enduring the trials and tribulations
Greater psalms shall never be uttered
Than what have been imparted to us
Provocation on the strings of lyres
Shall bring no melody greater than ours
Even in the multitude of crowds
We stand alone
Acutely aware of our difference
In the creation we thrive
The roots which are deep
Brings forth the vine that grows
Slowly it creeps into the darkness
In the coolness of the shade
Only taking from the Sun its share
The morning dew shall quench
For in the creation we thrive

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Silent Hope"

Opinions kept in silence
Do not reach the ears of men
Nor do they become victims
To the sting of the tongue
My mouth serves as a den
Unto wolves who dwell within
Amongst my entwined branches
A beaten brow in survival
Elements of time in nature
Reveal such worn surfaces
Yet the marrow slumbers deeply
Within the safety of concealment
Words spoken only encourage
Xenophobia to flourish
Thriving in coexistence with dreams
Harmony fights against the variances
Yet it cannot force itself upon the wind
The beating of hearts flutter gently
Solid matter holds life's essence
Where the whims of thoughts
Unable to penetrate the barriers
Which separate and prevent
The crossing over of two edged swords
That would cut the bonds which hold
Eternal existence of all origins
Presiding upon the universe
Chaos reigns in the streets
Yet within the cries of the moanings
Voices can still be heard
Which speak with soft tongues
Revealing such truths for its own sake
Although such things often fall upon
Deaf ears of fallen men
My roots are deep into and upon
Earthen places that keep me
My thirst is replenished by the rains
There is still great hope for all humankind
Who walk upon this earth


© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved