Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Lonely Friend"

I waited for you until the sun set
In the street-out in the rain
But you never came
I spent the night upon the porch
Waiting for you
It rained all night
Those people from next door came by
Bringing food and a blanket for me
Not very hungry
But the blanket is nice
As I wait for you
Watching the rain
Wondering where you can be
Anticipating your headlights
And the familiar sound
Of your return
Each day I wake you are on my mind
Each night before sleep
My last thought is of you
I think of all this
As I wait for you
Amidst the rain

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Monday, March 30, 2009


Privy to shyness
She stands aloof
Thickly in the shadows
Beyond the corridors of time
The essence of her odor
Evasive to those who seek
It enters at its own will
And departs in the same manner
Leaving an impression
Of her presence upon the room
Her ghostly image only appears
Long ago she departed from this plane
Onto a higher one
More intense in existence
Yet she chooses to grace
With her occasional visitations
In a teasing mannerism
Just beyond reach
Perhaps one day she will speak
For now her lips are sealed
Forever in time

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Lucky Dog"

The bowl tipped over
But he didn't mind
Or bother to wait at all
To his good fortune
He got quite a hand out
As the bowl from the table did fall
Now he probably wants some sauce
Maybe a meatball or two
He's a spoiled rascal indeed
And a beggar through and through

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Inner Tears"

Trailing behind me is no suprise
Fog on the road does not obscure
The sound of your tailpipes rings
Your voice is within me
Still you follow behind
My father curses you
He knows deep in his heart
Your intentions are noble
Nobody can see my inner tears
My turmoil inside
You will realize
My absence is only temporary
Tearing the world asunder
Could not prevent what is to be
Soon the fog clears
Then it is a clear road
You will be in my dreams
Rest easy until I return
When birds sing early morns
You will know I am close
Distance is without meaning
We reside within each other
From rising moon to setting sun

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Lost Dreams"

Red roses are placed upon her bed
Perhaps some day she'll return
When petals wilt with sagging stems
It's one thing that I've learned
Hesitations concerning the heart
Never seem to work
Casting doubt in sacred places
Where negativity will always lurk
Chances only come so often
Like chapters in a book
In the end we must descend
Like waters traveling down a brook
Lost chances
Inherit broken dreams

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Excercise in Futility"

Nothing to show from the day before
Or the night before as well
A few laughs with fair weather friends
The occasional clientele
Sunlight shines upon the dresser
Upon worthless bills
Empty bottles sitting nearby staring
At my empty heart that fills
With silent tears that no one sees
Laughing to keep from crying
No shoulder to lean on
Or to declare my love undying
What silent days I ponder
Into what has grown
Monotony upon my doorstep
From seeds that have been sown
Spangled glitter of brevity
Once my heart was true
As a newborn drake who glides
Across the lake anew

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Beyond the Waves"

Out and the end of the wooden pier
Thinking late at night
When the lull of waves are upon me
The foaming caps of white
Under the moon which glows
Upon the watery mist
Gentle fog that rolls in slowly
With no effort to resist
As far out as the eye can see
Piercing the dark sea
An imagined horizon that lies beyond
Lives the untouchable esprit
Quiet thunderstorms in the distance
Rolling thunders thrive
Drum beat like stirs like heavenly wings
Even unto lightnings which cannot deprive
The serenity of the moment in time
Which belongs to those who seek
To listen with an open ear
Of things which subtly speak

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Saturday, March 28, 2009


All the while riding the train
Through the window in the rain
Thoughts of coming home to stay
Big city life just got too big
Never a moment of peace or silence
Sirens blaring
People staring
Not much to it except for the stench
An occasional rodent
It's the safest form of entertainment
Blank stares surround everyone
Never knowing what's intended
The train trudged onwards towards home
My mind continued to roam
Of childhood days down by the lake
When you scared me with that snake
Riding our bikes down the trail
Our friendship was never doomed to fail
Well I am home now and you are here
At the depot where the train rests
Far away from the booming city
It is a city without pity
I am in your arms with no regrets

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Hungry Cloud"

The Michelin Man is in the sky
I think he is trying to catch that fish
Lucky I was eating lunch and saw him
Before that cloud went swish
It looks like he put on some weight
He seems to be growing a tail
Perhaps he needs to eat that fish
Before he can prevail
Today is cool so he won't sweat
Blowing across the sky
Isn't he tired-he looks a bit pale
His stomach must be fluttering
Like a butterfly

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Each day goes by without a word
Today I brought her flowers
Each night my thoughts are of her
Unlike mysterious powers
We've seen each other over time
But never spoke a word
Time was just not on our side
We had not yet matured
Perhaps tomorrow I will speak
If not then-maybe next week

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Hidden Agenda"

Each day when the girl from next door comes looking
I hide in the fountain by the square
It all started out quite innocently
When she offered to cut my hair
Soon it became a weekly ritual
Afterwards we took walks in the park
Next thing I know we are going to places
Listening to the songs of a lark
Spending time at the city zoo
Even a flower show
Where this all was going I wondered
And where it would eventually go
For many months it carried on
But now she wants me to marry
It is a burden for me to think of
Fearful that I must carry
I like her alot but what if I fail
Or what if we stop taking our walks
Life might get too serious
It might show up in our talks
Some people automatically get old
Ending up like my mom and dad
They don't seem to ever have fun
I suspect they are mostly sad
Then there is the subject of children
I don't know much about being a dad
It's sort of scary thinking of it
Then what if my wife go mad
She might stop talking to me
Or force me to eat dinner alone
I think hiding in the fountain for now
Is better than facing the unknown

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Young at Heart"

Some people think I'm too old to have fun
That I shouldn't be laughing out loud
They think I should keep to myself
Like it's some sort of a sin to be proud
I feel no different than when I was young
My feelings towards life are the same
Admittedly there are a few handicaps
But none that have brought me defame
It takes me a bit to get going in the morn
My requirements for sleep are now much less
I'm not outmoded by any means except morally
Of this I must acquiesce
Each day of awakening is a day of thanks
Another chance to live my life
Until it ends I intend to dance
To the tune of the drum and the fife

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Friday, March 27, 2009


These are my brothers
For all that they're worth
Full of laughs in their world of mirth
Always the clowns at everything
In my observation they make the world
A bit brighter
Creating smiles upon peoples faces
The ones who seem to be going through paces
Who struggle to get by each day
The ones who don't have much to say
I have seen these two brothers of mine
Put smiles upon those faces
And joy into their hearts

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"My New Home"

Sorry fella this is my place
I have no illusions about moving
Winter is just around the corner
So unless you have plans of improving
My situation which is close at hand
Soon little ones will be here to tend
For now I need plenty of rest
My intentions were not to offend
This spring the premises will be vacated
From then on this place is all yours
Best you close the lid on my nest
And remain at your place indoors

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Silent Room"

Meaningless clothespins that hang in a row
The drooping cord in a silent room
Hands that once touched them
Long gone over the horizon where once flowers bloomed
I used to make her necklaces from flowers
They always made her smile
She never told me those dandelions were only weeds
In that room where those clothespins still hang
I sat upon the chair and watched her
In that flower print dress
Dust particles filtered in sunlight
Her song could be heard
Then momentarily she would pinch her cheeks
In anticipation of her man
An airplane mechanic once
He had learned how to soar into the skies
Taking her with him
Into the heights beyond
Upon my own reflection
Those clothespins are not as meaningless
That is why they continue to hang in a row
As I look upon the wall

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Unto My Ear"

The very first time I heard a voice
Was like a sweetness of honey to me
All of those years in utter silence
Dissapeared in that moment of my idiosyncrasy
Life had been full but not as robust
The miracle that rests in my ear
Things will never be the same again
Or seem as the way they appear
I can finally hear my mothers voice
And know how laughter sounds
The barking of my dog who sleeps at my feet
Ideas jump now
In leaps and bounds
The banshee of my dreams has fled
Never to return
My life is mine to live and love
To give back to all due return

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Days go by in reasonable time
I write the songs and the words
An unkempt city far off in the distance
My notes are inspired by bluebirds
Who sing each morning after the rain
Paying no mind to my former self
Forgetting about all the pain
Of the place I was raised
All the daily hell
Off in the distance rang a church bell
God did not answer or come to my aid
Beatings endured in the shadows
In dreams such things would still invade
Sitting on the stoop just outside
Words came to me that soothed my soul
I had no mother to help console
Each day was dread to wake from sleep
Bitter in my own grief
My heart grew cold
Staring off into space
Until I could contain no more
My only friend-the strings of my guitar
Which I adore
Barbed wire and concrete walls
Keep me safe
Each day goes by just the same
Pain and fear no longer thrive
This to final judgement day I proclaim
Emancipation is finally mine
As I write the songs and the words
© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"The Rabbit In The Sky"

He's the rabbit in the sky
Looking for a carrot
Scurrying by on a wisp of wind
Last week I thought I saw him hiding
Behind a cloud that looked like a tree
Before I knew it the cloud changed
It became a flying dragon
My elusive hare became his tail
Off in the distance was a carrot cloud
The rabbit had been on its trail
But the walrus cloud got it instead
And fled towards the open sky

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The great journey begins
Once again as always before
Along an expanse of the curvature
Earth rotates on axis
Struggle at the apex
Migration thrives in dust
Kicking and beating of hooves
Such as feet
Which pound against the surface
Sacrifice along the way
To the many who shall fall
Survival depends on it
Great masses hesitate momentarily
Taking heed to gyrations of earthen woes
Like a great heaving of energy
Thrust motion forward
Centrifugal force pushes the herd
lmpatiently their cry pierces the air
Reaching down into the very depths of its soul
Toward the edge of expanse
Where dilemma awaits
Only the brazen shall move forward
Unaffected by what is concealed
It is on pure instinct
Rather than by intellect
Until the trampling has made way
Unto dust filled paths that have cleared
Breaking clouds shall reveal
Clear skies and a quell
For now the herd is satisfied
A beast is temporarily tamed
Until once again the journey begins
A migration where many shall fall
Survival depends on it
Nature makes its demand

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Those who pass by do not notice
The grandeur of my presence
Few may have wondered what life
Might be like as a tree
Unguarded words are spoken
Sitting beneath my branches
Smoke billows out of stacks
Choking all life in its path
Mothers taking great pride
Their children play in the park
Unaware in their innocence
There is more than water in puddles
Dogs lapping not knowing
Footprints mark human activity
Intellect is ever present
Evading emotion flees in terror
Feint heartbeats palpatate
Quiety the world goes by
Hoping to quell the noise
Time and distance are irreplaceable
Lives are quickly lived
Gone like steam from a pot
It is all too fitting to try
Stuffing all of life into
Small spaces in time
Like seedlings that grow
All life emanates from its source
Forgiveness is easier than one might think
The amenities of nature overpower
As light is to darkness
As life is to death
All in the process of what is to be
Acute awareness of the human condition
My branchess sway in the wind
Covering what is below from the full rays
Emerging as a person to feel for myself
For I have done more than just wondered
What life might be like as a tree

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Monday, March 23, 2009


I only notice your face in the sun
This song was written for you
We have cried our tears for eachother
Paying our just dues
Fingers that press upon the strings
Memories of life,how it often stings
Hearts may beat to a skipping tune
I ride the city bus
Knowing we shall return
Unto one another
Music drowns out all the sirens
Its not that I don't care
Multitudes of sirens sound in the city
But I only have one life to live
Unfortunately only so much to give
Until all that is left
Are the words of my song

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Executive Misfits"

Willing to bargain for the world's future
Deception is their mask
Cringing on encroaching borders
Estranged from normal society
Odd as it now seems
We are subserviant to the nightmare
Of our dreams,
Yet so are they
Debilitation thrives within their own ranks
In argument we realize
Society scorns them
Before they scorn society
Still the pollution continues
In spite of our demand
Bliss of existence is only a state of mind
Each day we take the plunge
Into a false sense of security
Ignoring the impending vortex
As we read the false articles
While listening to the daily news

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Sunday, March 22, 2009


In observation of your repose
At this late hour of morn
Long after the sun has risen
Your dejection of my presence
Appears to be forlorn
My refusal to leave your side
I do not understand
You do not stir as winds blow
In spite of my remand
Let us soar together
As we have always done
Touching clouds that wait for us
Under the glistening sun

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Psychedilic Cat"

Timothy Leary slumbers
Nearby strings await in silence
There is no abandoned Peavy
Laying in dust ridden ruins
Within this container of nostalgia
Forgotten dreams of a Martin
Settling for something less
Easily obtained
Nobody notices the difference
Except me
Rose colored granny glasses
Hidden away in the drawer
Albums in racks
Thelonious Monk,Sonny Boy Williamson,
Muddy Waters,John Booker......
Just to mention a few
Imaginations of Greenwich Village
Settling for Old Town in Chicago
Freight train whistles in the distance
Noise in the city of disbelief
Cold faces filled with wrought
On the street
New Orleans is whispering to me
Down in the Quarter
Sitting on the sidewalk
Smoking a stale Picayune
While crows jaw nearby
The fog filled air with its odors
The vortex cannot penetrate
I am filled with delirium
Sweet music and the voices of daughters
Let the silver cord be loosed
Over the horizons
I have made good my escape!

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Eye to Eye"

What are your thoughts
Of this moment in time
Innocence reigns momentarily
We know not of a dimming sun
A brief chapter in transcience
Under a clear sky
Fresh breath enters the nostrils
Hearts are filled with joy
Darkened clouds are held at bay
As we look upon eachother
In wonder of who we are

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


Reaching for that which remains elusive
A force in effect beyond twilight
One thing remains inconclusive
In vain attempts to reunite
Twinklings seem evasive
Defying all attempt
No musings of impending doom
Or presence of contempt
Expectations of reaching out
Into the mighty abyss
Making its mark in known existence
In spite of all remiss

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

"Reliable Friend"

Waiting by the window
Patience is your virtue
In silence with a sewn smile
Even in darkness
Turning the light on
Knowing what to expect
You are impervious
The enviornment reacts
Two sides are needed
For actions to take effect
Your companionship
Fools who wander aimless
In their quest
All things however are irreplaceable
That is why I love you as I do

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

Friday, March 20, 2009

"Silent Whispers"

As your hand rests within
So does a part of you
Reside within my heart
An inner voice resounds
Yet there is no movement
Your frail body succumbs
For I am here by your side
Cursing myself for not coming sooner
Hundreds of miles away
Your whisper did not reach me
I am starved much the same
Sweat pours from my brow
The taste of salt is upon my lips
My spirit is beaten down
Hunger within restless as it is
Until I rested myself at your side

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved


In my ease, time is of no essence
Yet lost and of no concern
Into the eye of movement
There is no event seemingly gone
Objects pass by swiftly
As do people without focus
Disconnection from the world
Languages untapped heartbeats
Emotions fill the cup
Humanity concealed
With no regrets of dreams
Or the thoughts within
Life has been lived to my ends
Knowing beyond my small world
Though confined I traveled
Over many horizons
Until all that remains
My empty shell

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved