Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Ode to Blackwater Hattie"

Down in the swamps of Louisiana
Blackwater Hattie hides in the bog
Dabbling in magic with gators about
Concealed in the fog
Ice water runs through her veins
As I approach her she already knows
I bring her an offering of fresh tobacco
To mix with the herbs she grows
She gives me a look as she smokes her pipe
Out on the porch in her chair
She signals me to come forth
I look at her pure white hair
Quickly she looks me up and down
Her eyes look deeply into mine
Searching for the meaning of my visit
Looking for a tell tale sign
Nobody goes to Blackwater Hattie
Unless they have dire need
Some come to her for remedies
Others over personal greed
I jingle my coins and make my request
Explaining to her slowly and trying my best
I tell her of the love for my lady
I want a potion to bless our love
Blackwater Hattie lets out a laugh
It flushes out the flight of a dove
Of course she agrees and snatches my coins
Dissapearing into her shack
She quickly returns and hands me something
In what appears to be a small sack
Giving me instructions to wait til the moon
Is full in the sky at night
To open the sack and burn its contents
Giving me also words to recite
I thank her politely and begin to leave
But she asks me to stay for awhile
Wanting to know of the happenings in town
She cracks a gentle smile
Hattie reloads her pipe to the brim
With my offering of tobacco I had brought
Lighting it with a kitchen match
Then pausing as if in deep thought
She tells me a tale of a lovely maiden
Who once lived in the bog
She used to dance under the moonlight
Followed by her faithful dog
The town folk used to laugh at her
Many thought her to be insane
One day she dissapeared
Only tales of her would remain
Some say that the maiden was Hattie
She neither confirmed or denied
There was that twinkle in her eye as she talked
Something from down inside
She bid me goodbye until the next time
Slowly I began to depart
Never would I tell a soul in town
That Hattie had seen my true heart

© 2007 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved