Monday, June 15, 2009

"Hidden Meanings"

Echoes of voices
From out of the past
Through dense light
In the midst of fog
Children who played
In such roles they portrayed
In the distance can be heard
The barking dog
Through the laughter
Mingled with dust
It all becomes crystally clear
Perfected in wrought
Through time and thought
Things I hold closely
Which are very dear
Horizons beyond never realized
In fine detail-never disguised
Patterns of energy
Gently tugging at my mind
That evasive flicker
In my hopes to find
Within the flame
Which brightly burns
Hiding amongst the flowers and ferns
Inner desire to connect
With voices of the past
Momentarily passing by
Which never seem to last
In glimpses such things
Are slowly revealed
Forgotten dreams
That remain concealed
Briefly the curtain is lifted
So I can peer in
It is like the sweet sound
Of a violin
Examining the inner most
Details of what occured
The vision is clear
Which was once obscured
Upon such things to be pondered
Into deep valleys
And in other places that I have wandered

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved