Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Enduring Love"

As if their fate had always been
A planted sapling long ago
Located on the silk road
Before the days of Marco Polo
The tree grew strong and true
Many things passed before it
In days of dark and morning dew
Generations came and went
Wars were fought in discontent
Yet the tree remained
It knew itself in gracious times
Hiding in invisibility
Quietly as its great trunk climbed
Great storms could not prevail
Yet lightnings could not avoid
It struck the great tree one day
Ending what it had enjoyed
Slowly it died as it roots gave way
Until it fell as some say
A peasant passing by gave notice
Seeing its beauty even in death
Sensing all that was united
Until its last breath
With loving care he carved from it
Through out casting winds that blew
For in the work he poured his heart
As this he always knew
Fate would keep his work together
In days of dark and morning dew
Two chairs were formed
One for virtue-One for strength
Carefully he carved them out
Endurance in each length
Together they have always been
And this will always be

© 2010 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved