Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The great journey begins
Once again as always before
Along an expanse of the curvature
Earth rotates on axis
Struggle at the apex
Migration thrives in dust
Kicking and beating of hooves
Such as feet
Which pound against the surface
Sacrifice along the way
To the many who shall fall
Survival depends on it
Great masses hesitate momentarily
Taking heed to gyrations of earthen woes
Like a great heaving of energy
Thrust motion forward
Centrifugal force pushes the herd
lmpatiently their cry pierces the air
Reaching down into the very depths of its soul
Toward the edge of expanse
Where dilemma awaits
Only the brazen shall move forward
Unaffected by what is concealed
It is on pure instinct
Rather than by intellect
Until the trampling has made way
Unto dust filled paths that have cleared
Breaking clouds shall reveal
Clear skies and a quell
For now the herd is satisfied
A beast is temporarily tamed
Until once again the journey begins
A migration where many shall fall
Survival depends on it
Nature makes its demand

© 2009 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved

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