Friday, November 19, 2010



He dreams of flying
High in the sky
Soaring in clouds
Asking himself why
Does the horizon seem
To never end
The sun seems aloof
As boughs of trees
Which seem to bend
His heart is upon the wind
On warm days amongst
Other fellows
Whose feathers seem
To kiss the wind

© 2010 Moses Lestz - All Rights Reserved
(Dedicated & Inspired by Edgar the Hybrid Raven)
You may visit him at:http://www.facebook.com/edgarhybridraven


Rosemary said...

I come to you via Corvidae - Crows and Ravens ~ can I say I'm in love with your top bar.
I am often known as SheCrow so... I too wish to fly high ~
Best to you!

Moses said...

Thanks for stopping by.Glad you like the top bar and hope you will continue to fly high.

Anonymous said...

thank you for making my heart sing...

Dreamer said...

So incredibly beautiful. Really really love this. Thank you!

Unknown said...


Moses said...

Edgar is quite a fellow.I found him on Facebook.Yes,he really inspired me and I stop by his page everyday just to check in on him and see if anything has happened.Some days it is quiet,but I think he gets more attention than his Mom,Debby gets!
Guess it's obvious that I like him a whole lot.I'm planning to write another poem about him and this time it will be about him and his other friends who live with him.

rivercat said...

Wonderful writing and message :)

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